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The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin: Episode 3

The Nation's
Supreme Mannequin
Episode 3

I wasn't ALWAYS the total knockout you see before you now...

When I was a teenager, I, Iris Temple, was decidedly UNglamorous. Sure, I tried, but...

I was kind of a dork.

I still look back on those photos and cringe. 

But you know what? That nerdy little girl helped get me to where I am today.

All I needed was a little... renovation.

YES!!!! It's renovation week on TNSSM, and I, supreme mannequin Iris Temple, have some bold new looks in store for the remaining 7 hopefuls...

Kendalrose, the sweet small-town darling.

Jennica, the humorous, headstrong girl who wants to win this for her family.

Kate, the awkward but alluring Mama's Girl.

Cassidee, the shy but ready-to-metamorphose caterpillar.

Chayanna, the tough-skinned, kind-hearted diva.

Eclaire, the insecure but loveable aspiring fashionista.

and Maxx, the fiercely independent redhead with her eyes on the prize.

I, Iris, have personally selected the girls' new looks. These ladies are already beautiful, but by the end of today, they'll be totally extraordinary! 

* * * * *

Kendalrose Before...

Iris: "We're going to take out Kendalrose's braids and do a little snip-snip. We'll also give her a pop of chocolate brown color. She's going to look ten years younger."

Kendalrose: "I have total confidence in Iris and whatever she has planned for me!"

Kendalrose After...

Kendalrose: "I look like somebody's grandma."

* * *

Kate Before...

Iris: "We're going to lighten Kate's hair a bit, and add some extra shine. We're also going to darken her eyebrows."

Kate: "Well, they've taken the scissors to me, and let's just say this is going to take some getting used to!"

Kate After...

Kate: "I look like a boy."

* * *

Jennica Before...

Iris: "Jennica's getting a haircut! We'll keep the curls, but we'll lighten her up a bit."

Jennica: "I'm actually pretty happy with how its going so far."
Jennica After...

Jennica: "I've always had long hair, so I'm going to need a while to get used to this. Like, it's a really big change, you know?"

* * *

Cassidee Before...

Iris: "Cassidee has so much natural beauty, but I wanted to enhance it. We've given her hair a wave so her curls will really pop."

Cassidee: "They really haven't done much to me, yet. But maybe that's okay? Because they really lobbed Kate's hair off, and now she's over there in the corner crying...."

Cassidee After...

Cassidee: "Oh my gosh! I look so glamorous! I don't even recognize... me!"

* * *

Chayanna Before...

Iris: "A weave and extensions for Chayanna. And no more bangs. I want to be able to see Chayanna's whole beautiful face."

Chayanna: "Look, I get it. In order to be a supreme mannequin, sometimes you have to go through stuff like this. I'm just gonna hold my head high and know that in the end, I'll look amazing."

Chayanna After...

Chayanna: "Beauty is pain, apparently. Yikes."

* * *

Eclaire Before...

Iris: "We're going to trim Eclaire's hair a bit and go a little darker."

Eclaire: "My hair was already pretty short, so I'm not worried about going shorter. At least they aren't shaving my head. They... they aren't shaving my head, are they?"

Eclaire After:...

Eclaire: "I love it!"

* * *

Maxx Before...

Iris: "Maxx looks terrific as a redhead, so why change it? But we are going to darken it... just a bit... and trim it... make it a stylish bob."

Maxx: "Do whatever you want. Cut it all off. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna look hot anyway."

Maxx After...

Maxx: "Could I get any hotter?"

* * *

After the renovation, the girls are driven to Metro Park for a quick photoshoot (courtesy of I, Iris) in front of the famous waterfalls. They are given jumpsuits from the spring Yvonne Fonte collection to wear!








And then -- surprise! It's time for another judging session!

Iris: "Ladies, this evening you will be judged on the pictures I took of you in the park this afternoon. You will also be evaluated on how you personally handled your renovation. I was very disappointed to hear that some of you did not have nice things to say. Do you know that I personally chose each of your looks? And you all look fabulous! But some of you were very ungrateful. Now, you will go away so we judges can deliberate."

Iris: "So... what do we think about Maxx?"

Frederic: "Stunning."

Lizzianna: "The haircut suits her."

Iris: "She's incredible, I agree. What about Jennica?"

Lizzianna: "Truth be told, when Jennica's not standing here tight in front me, I forget she even exists."

Frederic: "I think she's cute. Like a little lamb."

Iris: "I heard she griped a bit about getting her hair cut. I'm really not loving that attitude. All right, how about Eclaire?"

Lizzianna: "She doesn't do much for me, honestly."

Frederic: "I'd really like to keep her around and see what she can do. I feel like she's got what it takes."

Iris: "I love what the haircut and dye did for her. She got taken up three levels of glam. Cassidee?"

Frederic: "Well, she killed it at this photoshoot, that's for sure."

Lizziana: "Except that jumpsuit makes her look like a zebra."

Iris: "A sexy zebra. I love it. Now, what about Kate?"

Lizziana: "I love the hair, but she was a little blah in these photos."

Frederic: "I love what you did with her eyebrows. But yeah, she could look a little more alive in this photo, and that'd be great."

Iris: "She was crying after her renovation. I overheard her say she thought she looked like a boy. NOT COOL. Kendalrose?"

Frederic: "Kendalrose just seems lost, like she somehow wandered onto this competition thinking it was a Bed, Bath & Beyond."

Lizzianna: "She's another one I just forget about when she isn't right in front of me."

Iris: "After her renovation, apparently she told people she thought she looked like 'somebody's grandma.' I felt very disrespected by that. I picked that look for her, and she should try to own it. Chayanna?"

Lizziana: "Total diva. Look at that face. She's gorgeous and she knows it."

Frederic: "What's wrong with knowing it? I like her confidence."

Me: "Yeah, I agree with Frederic. In this industry, you need that level of confidence. I say she stays."

The girls return to the judging room, and we judges begin to call them out one by one.

The best picture of the week goes to...


Chayanna gets runner-up...

...followed by Maxx, Eclaire, and Kate.

This leaves Kendalrose and Jennica in the bottom two...

Iris: "Ladies, the reason you're both standing in front of me today is because after your renovations, I overheard some unflattering comments about your new looks. Kendalrose, you said you looked like somebody's grandmother. Jennica, you complained about having to have short hair. I found your attitudes very disrespectful. In this industry, you have to be ready for anything. If a client wants to cut your hair, dye your hair, shave it off... you say YES. And you do it with a smile. That's how you get ahead in this world. 

And so... the person who will remain is..."








Back in the confessional room, Kendalrose lets loose...

"I do look like a freaking grandma, and if it's wrong to have an opinion, then you can bite me. You WILL see my name in lights someday... but first I have to do something about this hair. Goodbye, and good riddance."

Next time on TNSSM, the remaining six girls take to the pool as MERMAIDS! But one girl will flounder. Who will be eliminated next? 

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