Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Corona Chronicles: Chapter 16



I'm tired. I'm tired of seeing people on the news partying on beaches, maskless and carefree. I'm tired of hearing about people going on vacations. (I get it -- if you really must travel afar for your own sanity, go, but... maybe don't mention it?)

I'm tired of the CDC continually changing their tune. I'm tired of our governor handing down orders about things she knows little about. I'm tired of our school board & admins changing their mind all the time. I'm tired of being told This is just how it is. Or my personal least favorite, We're all in this together -- which, by the way, is a phrase that our admin has been using for the past three years, long before Covid began. Hearing it makes me think of passengers singing kumbaya while the Titanic's band plays a last forlorn melody.

So they're sending us back to the classrooms in less than a week. They've promised to provide us with face shields. I'm picturing saran wrap on a stick. What else should I expect from a school district that supplies us with facial tissues that may actually be made from tree bark?

On the bright side, the latest is that we have to work in the school building in the mornings, and then we can work at home in the afternoons. I'm expecting this to change, though, so I'm not letting myself be too happy about it. 

Anyway, so where are we now?

 In some states, restrictions are being lifted... perhaps a bit too soon. At the beginning of March, Texas threw off all its chains, essentially saying "screw it" to one & all. I'm glad I don't live there -- not that Oregon has been a shining example of wisdom and judiciousness in every respect. 

And then there are the vaccines. In the U.S., there are two different brands available, with more on the horizon.They say everyone in Oregon will be eligible to get their vaccine by May 1st. First responders, teachers, and people over 65 are already eligible. A "glitch" in the vaccine scheduling system sent out a bunch of invites to people who weren't supposed to be eligible yet -- whoops! I actually got an email inviting my mom to schedule her first appointment -- even though she got her first vaccine a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, I'm fully vaxxed. Yeah Phffhfizer!

Up in Canada, they're having a harder time getting vaccines, it seems, and it looks as though the Canadian border is going to remain closed to travel traffic for the foreseeable future. Woe. I miss you, land of Tim Horton's and friendly wildlife!

Until we meet again... stay safe!