Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Glossy Time Capsules #29: Liberty - March, 1937

Glossy Time Capsules #29


March, 1937

Price: 5 cents

The last time we looked at an issue of Liberty, it was 1940. Now we're going back in time three years... to visit the last golden days of the thirties....

Okay, we're not in Austria. In case the magazine's title didn't give it away, I'll make it clear: WE IS IN AMERICAAAA

Sadly, in the USA, the 1930s weren't exactly "golden." What with the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl and zeppelins going kaboom, things were pretty bleak. 

Oh, sure, folks had 300 Shirley Temple movies, The Marx Brothers, Nancy Drew, and The Wizard Of Oz....

But they also had a sense of impending doom. 

Will it? Will it?

Quick! Give me a distraction from the bleak tidings that perchance await us all!

Noooo! (And also, ouch!)


Okay, we get it. The 30s had some creepy advertising. But don't think for a second that this magazine's fiction section was up for any awards itself....

Gone With The Wind, this is not.

Meanwhile, in Letters To The Editor, Mrs. J.B. Miller, Senior, would like to express her disgust toward current radio programs... and toward... herself? 

Just turn the dial, Mrs. Miller! And I'm sure you're beautiful on the inside, where it counts!


Howard Stark, is that you?

Well, the New York's World's Fair was coming up.

Meanwhile, just in case you want to buy a gangster car...

Or a $7,500 house...

Or some stolen land...

Or a cat-approved refrigerator...

Or some handy laxatives...

You're in luck, because this magazine is full of ads for all those fine things! PLUS MORE!

Oh yeah, and books...

And then there's the question you've all been asking...

Just kidding, not that Elizabeth.

In conclusion, I often neglect to include cigarette ads in my Glossy Time Capsules posts... unless they're especially interesting. 

This one is so darn quaint, I almost kind of hate it...

Remember, children, smoking kills!

Top o' the morning to you!

Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Corona Chronicles: Chapter 19 - Everything Is Not Awesome

It's been 2 months since my last update, and there have been 112,000 reported Covid-related deaths in the time since. I am, however -- judging by my "ability" to create this blog post -- still kicking... but boy, has it been a couple of months. 

I've done the dreaded nasal swab dance five times, now, and all the tests have come back negative. Several kids I work with, though, have had it, or at least they've had family members with Covid.

So What About Kids & Masks?

In the kindergarten class where I currently work, we have 20 kids. Of those 20, 15 keep their mask on consistently, without needing reminders. Two have a tendency to let their mask slip down off their nose. Two sometimes completely lose their masks, or get them wet somehow. And one kid likes to pick their nose like no one's watching.

How About Hand Washing?

"Go wash your hands," is never any kind of deterrent for the kiddos when it comes to icky behaviors, because they love getting to use the sink! The soap is foamy and bubbly, the water spigot can move, puddles can be made, and the step stool makes a fun, loud noise when it gets moved around. Oh, and that paper towel dispenser is another fun gadget!

How's Social Distancing Going?

It's not.

Sure, in some places we pretend like we have it under control. The kids have assigned seats in most locations throughout the school, but in the hallways or at recess, forget it.

All About The Positives

On the upside, I can totally eat lunch alone, now, and not have to worry about offending anyone (well, someone always will be offended over something, but eh.) I've made a little comfort cave in the backseat of my car. I eat my lunch there and then read or play on my phone. I'll keep using my carcave till the weather gets really bad (read: cold) but for now, it's such a nice little haven. 

Annnd I'm planning a trip for next summer. I don't know if it will happen (Pandemic, year 3? No thank you!) but I in the meantime, planning keeps me from going bonkers.

Going Forward

I'm planning to get a booster shot in the next couple of weeks. And the masking and hand-sanitizing continues. I just hope it's enough.