Sunday, June 20, 2021

Glossy Time Capsules #27: Family Circle - April, 1969

 Glossy Time Capsules #27

Family Circle

April, 1969

Price: 20 cents

Yes,  it's another Family Circle! A favorite around these parts (apparently?), we've looked at issues from 1942, 1965, 1970, 1976, 1980, 1982, and 1986, but now it's time to explore 1969! And, sure, it might be pretty similar to the 1970 issue we've already looked at... I can't deny that one was rather exciting, what with the presence of Santa Claus, Fisher-Price Little People toys, and the words "Pooh's capacious body." But just you wait. This one has none of that, plus CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS!

So. In 1969, we were still 8 years away from Star Wars, and yet BEHOLD the side buns!

Note Scatter Perm's packaging -- the orange? That's important, because apparently 90% of ALL things were orange in 1969!

Hair was orange...

Food was orange...

Face paint was orange... (and tampons were... clear? Ew, what?)

Bathroom decor was orange (and dark green? I mean... okay.)

Fabric was orange...

Even appliances could be orange...

... that is, when they weren't busy being other delightful colors.

As always, the kids are just thrilled it's flameless.

Nothing was safe from the late 60s of it all...

Meanwhile, it was Easter time, which meant you should probably be starting a business making bunny or chicken crafts, if you had nothing better to do.

1969 fashion was, as you might expect, simultaneously glorious and disturbing...

Even baby Brooke Shields was rocking the latest toddler fashions...

Beloved illustrator Garth Williams (Charlotte's Web, Little House on the Prairie) tried his hand at writing, below, cementing his place in history as a really great... illustrator. (Okay, I'll give him Baby Animals.)

A few more ads, for your amusement...

"Eat 8 more and you'll have the complete 225 calorie meal itself." Why thank you, I think I shall!

And now, it's time for the favorite section of yours and mine...


Oh, too soon.

And finally -- fear not, teens of the future! Skin problems will be NO MORE, thanks to the invention of HyperpHaze!

Six white teenagers agreed: IT WORKS. Six weeks later, their faces melted off and they were heard from no more.

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Favorite Shows: June, 2021 Edition

Favorite Shows: June, 2021 Edition

I watched a lot of shows this year. I may have broken a record, not to mention my brain. I'm probably forgetting a few of them, but here's my annual list, per tradition. Enjoy... or don't!

(Previously: January 2011, May 2012May 2013May 2014May 2015May 2016June 2017June 2018June 2019June 2020)

Shows I've Recently Enjoyed That Have Released New Episodes In The Past Year:

Jeopardy (R.I.P. Alex)

Call The Midwife (PBS)

The Good Place (via Netflix)

The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix)

Wandavision (Disney+)

Good Bones (HGTV)

Cruel Summer (Freeform/Hulu)

Superman & Lois (CW)

LEGO Masters (FOX)

What This List Looked Like Last Year...

 Jeopardy (Syndicated)

We Bare Bears (Cartoon Network)

Call The Midwife (PBS)

LEGO Masters (Fox)

I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix)

Money For Nothing (British show, via Netflix)

Shows I've Recently Enjoyed That Are A Bit Older...

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Murphy Brown

Road To Avonlea (I'm finally doing a re-watch! The last time I watched the early episodes was in 2006 or 2007.)

Back In Time - The High Street

Some Of My Favorite YouTube Channels:

I still subscribe to all these, though I tend to have more random watching patterns on Youtube nowadays.

Gray Still Plays
Simply Nailogical
Be Kind Rewind
Say Goodnight Kevin
Boone Builds

Favorite Podcasts (They're kind of like shows!)

The Blume Saloon

First Impressions


Advent Calendar House

Lois & Clark'd: The New Podcasts of Superman

Stuck in Stoneybrook

On My To-Watch List:

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Last year, I vowed to continue with Anne With An E. I made good on that, but ultimately realized I didn't really care for the vibe of the show, and gave it up. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Corona Chronicles: Chapter 17

Written May 15. Just a little late posting it... 

We've been doing hybrid school for a little over a month, and so far -- it's not as bad as I was fearing. We do in-person in the mornings. We have two in-person cohorts. One comes on Mondays and Wednesdays, the other on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also have a third cohort of kids who stay at home. In the afternoons, we still do virtual learning for everyone.

The mornings go quickly. Sure, the in-person kids totally ignore the whole "give each other space" thing... no matter how many times you remind them... but so far the behaviors have been okay. Perhaps it's just because there are fewer kids to be behavioresque. I haven't heard any kids running around slamming doors so far, but maybe they're still warming up. The only tears I've really noticed are from the preschoolers who miss their parents.

Even though I'm in the building in the mornings, I have little physical contact with students. I greet some of them arriving, and I help walk some of them to their buses, but the rest of the time, I'm doing online groups. Since I share my workspace (another teacher has a desk on the other side of the classroom), they still want me to wear a mask while teaching online. I'm trying to teach some of these kids how to pronounce certain letter sounds -- but with facial coverings, that's tricky. The admins gave me a face shield and a beekeeper-type shield, too, but those just fog up and then the kids can't see my lips anyway.

On the bright side, doing small groups online has been a real treat. Maybe because I was given some really sweet kiddos this year, or maybe it's the environment, but I've really been able to get to know these kids better this year. I'm really going to miss some of them.

Working with kids online has other pros and cons. One pro is: if they are being noisy -- you can mute 'em! Of course, they can unmute themselves right back, but overall the whole environment is a lot quieter. Another pro: if they need a snack, or the bathroom, they can just go -- I mean, sure, they'll miss part of the lesson, but that's not something I can control, so I let it go. Another pro is that some of the kids who are handfuls in real life are actually quite composed when at home online. 

Cons: Some of the kids show way more than they should. It was a joke in the beginning of the pandemic, you may recall, that you might be video calling someone and see someone walking around without clothes in the background or something. At this point, though, the kids and their families seem to be settled enough that we don't see a lot of background distractions. We do, however, see kids trying to hold their computers/laptops with their feet. We still see kids putting their eyeballs or mouths up to the camera. Kids still like to show off their toys. Little brothers and sisters still wander into view. The more attention-starved kids know that they can "accidentally" unmute, or raise or lower their little "hand" and force everyone to listen to the incessant beeping. They know how to enter a meeting twice, which at the least makes everyone distracted, and at worst provides some alarming, noisy feedback. In short, if a kid is determined to be annoying, literally sitting two miles away from their teacher isn't going to stop them from succeeding.

I don't miss recess duty -- much. It could be fun when I could get all the kids involved in a game of "shark tag," but less fun when I was breaking up fights and trying to get the kids to stop throwing rotten apples at the neighbors' house. 

I don't miss cafeteria duty, and I doubt I ever will.

I don't miss having to haul myself from classroom to classroom to teach small groups.

I don't miss in-person staff meetings.

* * *

Kids 12+ in the U.S. can now be vaccinated, and that's great news except I don't think any of our students are old enough yet. Yay for the middle and high schools, though!

India has recently had a huge surge of Covid cases and deaths. :(

Canada's border with the U.S. is still closed. 

And so it goes.