Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite TV Shows: May, 2012 Edition

(Last time I did this: January, 2011)

My Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing (Or Have Aired Within The Past 6 Months), Regardless Of Whether Or Not I'm Caught Up With All The Episodes...

1. Community
2. America's Next Top Model (BUT NOT AFTER THIS SEASON, DANGIT)
3. Awake
4. Castle
5. Pan AM (Oh, I know it's canceled. But it did air within the last 6 months. TECHNICALLY.)

What The Above List Looked Like Last Time (January 2011):

1. Castle
2. Community
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Antiques Roadshow
5. Burn Notice

Guilty Pleasures I Like To Watch On Cable When I'm Housesitting:

1. Auction Hunters
2. Toddlers & Tiaras
3. American Pickers
4. Auction Kings
5. House Hunters International

Shows I've Been Watching On Netflix Lately:

1. Raising Hope
2. Burn Notice
3. Life Unexpected
4. Parking Wars
5. Switched At Birth

Shows I Need To Catch Up On/Finish Watching:

1. My Name Is Earl
2. Dead Like Me
3. The Office
4. Switched At Birth
5. Burn Notice

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