Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Molly Goes To The Emerald City Comic Con

In March (dang, I can't even say "last month" because it took me so long to write this post) my friend Gretchen and I drove up to Seattle for the Emerald City Comic Con. Or, to be more specific, we drove up for the showing of BACK TO THE FUTURE LEA THOMPSON IN PERSON! And maybe some Comic Con on the side.

See, what'd I tell you?

So BTTF is one of my favorite movies. There was a time when I was actually quite obsessed with it. This is no longer the case, but I was still excited to go to this showing. For two reasons. One, of course, was Lea Thompson.

The other reason was Deloreans!

I kid you not, someone had arranged for a parade of twenty-some Deloreans to drive by. It was CRAZY! Crazy cool, that is.

After the Deloreans went by and Lea Thompson entered the building, several hundred of us then packed into the theater, listened to some Lea Thompson Q&A, applauded for participants in a costume contest, and watched the movie. The sound and picture quality were incredible, I just have to say. And it's always great seeing BTTF with a crowd. People cheer during the awesome scenes (all 232152 of them) and it just feels kinda special.

That was on Saturday, March 31.

On Sunday, we decided to brave "Day 3" of the Comic Con.

Now, this particular Comic Con boasted hundreds of vendors and dozens of comic book artists, actors, and voiceover artists. There were panels with actors from Star Trek and Firefly and all kinds of other things. But I have to say I was most impressed and excited by...


 Oh, beautiful bricks. I love you.

Okay, so there were some other points of interest, too, such as the Weasley Twins.

In the scandal of the decade, they DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE RED HAIR.

We listed to three panels in all: the Weasleys, and two folks from Firefly, including Adam Baldwin, who will forever be The Guy From Poison Ivy, except maybe now it'll have to be The Guy From Poison Ivy And That One Episode Of Castle.

There were a lot of interesting things for sale in the vendor room, but both Gretchen and I left with very little. I bought 3 Lego minifigures and she bought a Dr. Who poster. But hey, at least our pocketbooks appreciated it!

All in all we spent about four hours at the convention. It was hardly worth the price, but I'm glad we went because, you know, it was cool. And I can add a handful of new names to my list of Actors I've Met In Real Life. (Because everyone cares.)

Also, right outside the convention center was THIS PLACE:

This place ROCKS! Wonderful, delicious crepes... you make it all worthwhile!

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