Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I was at the grocery store the other day when something in the produce section caught my eye.

Atop a mountain of its own kind, there it sat: a mango.

Mango. The word sounds so luscious... so sophisticated, yet ready to party.

I wanted one.

Problem: I had no idea how to tell if it was ripe.  I'd never bought a mango before.  The ones before me were orangey-red on one side and yellowish-green on the other.  Was that normal?  I felt I should ask one of the produce clerks, but there weren't any around.  So I just grabbed the first one I saw, made off with it and bought it.

Then it sat on my kitchen counter for a few days while I waited for it to change color.  You know, just in case that was the way with mangoes.  Apparently it wasn't.  Three days later, it was still two-toned and mysterious.

So I googled "mangoes" and stumbled upon a web page that described how to cut and eat them.   Fascinating stuff, that.  I mean, who knew you aren't supposed to eat the skin?  Or that there's a stone the size of Delaware in the center?  Now at least I knew what I was in for.  And according to the website, if my mango was slightly squooshy, it was ready to consume.  Mine was.  I got a knife and cut that mango open!  The icky, sticky juice oozed all over the place.  I wrestled a bit out of the skin and took a bite.

Um... ew.

Yeah.  After lusting after them in the supermarket, buying one on a whim, learning all about them, and dissecting one for myself, I finally concluded that mangoes are bitter and taste like air fresheners.

Yay for higher learning!  I think I'll tackle kumquats next.


Wes said...

L-O-L, Molly. I seem to recall mangoes tasting pretty good, but it's been ages since I had one! I'm sorry your initial (and only?) experience with them was decidedly unpleasant.

Kiwis are always great, though!

Amy said...

This is very entertaining, but I don't think mangoes are supposed to taste like that. I have quite enjoyed them when I've had them. But you can't eat too many or...yikes. Many bathroom trips.

molly said...

This particular mango was just not worth the effort. I think I've had mango in fruit juices and smoothies and have not minded, but by itself it was just not the best thing. It's like pomegranates. They smell so delicious, but when I do eat one it's just too strong. I guess I'll stick with apples and oranges!

Emily Blair said...

It's so funny that you posted this (a while back). I just bought mangoes for the family picnic and had a hell of a time cutting them up. That pit inside is crazy! However, I love the taste of mango...

molly said...

Hehe, I saw mangoes at the family picnic, I even tried a couple bites. Somehow they seem to taste better if I didn't have to do the work.