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Prince Edward Island 2008 Trip Blog - Day 1

So I'm finally getting around to re-posting the blog of my trip to Prince Edward Island from 2008. When I switched hosting companies in 2009 or 2010, the photos I edited specifically for that trip report went into the netherworld, so I'm copying & pasting the text and going through the original photos and trying to match things up.

A bit of an explanation: I've loved Anne Of Green Gables since my early twenties. Even though I watched the Megan Follows movies growing up, I wasn't that into Anne until I became an adult and read the novel and started watching the film regularly. Then it was just love. Because of my fancy for all things Anne, I decided I wanted to go to Prince Edward Island, where the novel is set. The year I decided I wanted to do this just happened to be the 100th anniversary of the book's publication, so it seemed like perfect timing. I began to make plans.

My mom decided she'd like to go, too, so I made plans for two....

DAY 1:

We arrived in PEI on the morning of August 4, 2008. Below is a map of the province...

We stuck to the middle part of the island, which I've color-coded with fun dots so that you can understand where we went.

*The airport was in Charlottetown (Light Blue). From there we drove to New London (Light Purple), then Park Corner (Dark Pink) to visit the attractions described later on this page. Then we drove to our Bed & Breakfast (Dark Blue).

*On Tuesday, we spent the morning in Borden-Carleton (Red) and the afternoon and evening in Summerside (Yellow), where we also saw the Anne & Gilbert musical.

*On Wednesday, we drove along Highway 6, stopping at antique shops along the way, making it to Dalvay-By-The-Sea (Green) for a scheduled tour and tea. Afterwards, we checked into our motel in Charlottetown, then went to the Anne of Green Gables musical downtown (Light Blue.)

*On Thursday, we spent most of the day in Cavendish (Lime Green), then went to Cavendish Beach and drove along the Gulf Shore Parkway, stopping at Rustico Bay (Orange) to take pictures, before returning to Charlottetown.

*On Friday, we ate breakfast and went to the Charlottetown airport to go home.

And now for the pictures, starting with our adventures on Monday. Please note that you can click on any of these photos to see a larger version. 

*     *     *     *     *

Below is the house Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in. It contains some artifacts and articles, and the rooms are decorated to look similar to what they would've looked like when Maud was born. It is located in New London, PEI.

A LMM article

A room with a bookcase that's filled with LMM books from around the world

Closeup of the bookcase 

Another closeup 

And another article... 

or two... 

or three! 

An old-fashioned stove 

Photos of LMM's son, who visited the place in the early 80's 

One of the 3 upstairs bedrooms 

Same room, different picture 

The room in which LMM was born

The third room 

Now we're at the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Park Corner, not far from the LMM Birthplace. Outdoors you'll find AOGG-related signs, a gazebo, and THE Lake of Shining Waters. It wasn't shining so much on the day we went, though; actually, the weather was very misty, and it was hard to get many photos outside without getting the camera wet.

A replica of the railroad sign for the station where Anne was dropped off by Mrs. Spencer and retrieved by Matthew on that fateful day 

The gazebo 

The side of the museum. I'm not sure if the letters are big enough... 

A first-edition copy of one of LMM's novels 

First-edition of Anne's House Of Dreams, the tale of Anne and Gilbert's newlywed  bliss. 

This glass-doored cabinet, which is from LMM's family, was the author's inspiration for the "window friend" bit she put into AOGG.  

A stove thing in the museum, which, like the LMM Birthplace, is decorated to look like a home from the olden days. Apparently this home belonged to one of LMM's relatives. 

First edition of Anne of the Island, the one where Anne and Gilbert go to Redmond College. 

An old organ that was from LMM's family 

A view from the top of the stairs 

One of the bedrooms 

A wall with a painting of LMM... not her best look. 

Outdoors again -- a sign pointing a way to the Lake of Shining Waters 

Check out this bedroom! It's our bedroom at the B&B. Adorable!

The sign in front of the B&B

The view of the B&B from down the road 

The fields next door to the B&B 

That Bed & Breakfast was amazing. If I ever go back to PEI (and I hope to!) I want to stay there the entire time.

*   *   *   *   *   *

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