Thursday, November 22, 2018

BrickCon 2018

BrickCon (Seattle) happened over a month ago, but I've been crazy busy and haven't gotten around to blogging about it. Until now. (Thank goodness for Federal holidays, I'm telling ya.)

BrickCon 2018 occurred from Thursday October 4th through Sunday October 7th, but I didn't make it up there till Friday night. It felt a little strange to miss most of the activities this year, but in the end, I was still glad I at least made it up for the con itself.

I did participate in Dirty Brickster on Saturday evening, and I came home with a Beauty & The Beast set thanks to the raffle.

One of my favorite MOCs this year was a 6(?)-foot long depiction of the beginning of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, complete with moving (mechanical) booby traps. And yes, that included the rolling boulder!

Here are a couple dozen more photos of many of the cool creations that came to BrickCon in 2018....

^Front of MOC (above)

v Back of same MOC (below)

I only brought one MOC this year, the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, but it did take up an entire suitcase. I brought this to BrickCon in 2016 as well, but Lady Elaine's museum-go-round is now motorized! 

All in all, a fun couple of days. Now to look forward to Bricks Cascade, 2019!