Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why, Grandmother Willow, Why?!?

You know, I know this doesn't matter in the scheme of the universe or anything, but I just feel like sharing my latest observation: The iPhone's compass feature is a piece of crap.

Yeah.  I opened the ap, set my phone on a solid, still table and... the compass thingy just spins. First it tells me north is that way... then, oops, now it's over there! 

The geek in me wants to throw out a Pocahontas reference right now, but the realist in me figures no one would get it. 

Eh, I'll do it anyway.


Suffice it to say, if a spinning compass means that Christian Bale is sailing his way over here as we speak, I really have nothing to complain about.  Though if I ever get lost in the woods and neither my iPhone nor Christian Bale saves me, I will be right ticked.

I love you, Christian.