Monday, November 30, 2009

and I think I like it!

December starts in a little less than 2 hours. I am ready! Got most of my gifts purchased and wrapped. Go ahead and hate me if you must, but Christmas will not catch me off guard this year!

(Yeah, like it really ever sneaks up on a person. Okay, yeah maaaybe people living under boulders. On deserted islands. In Antarctica. But not regular people. That's just silly.)

So a lot of crazy awesome things have been happening to my friends this year. One friend got one of her photos published in a major magazine. Another friend's favorite band practically moved to town over the summer and did a series of concerts, allowing her to spend ample time swooning over the guys in person. Another got to meet -- not once, but twice -- her favorite actor, a man she's admired for over two decades.

In my life I've been fortunate enough to have some moments like those. Not really so much this year. This has been an "off" year. But really, that's okay. Gotta have off years to appreciate the... uh, on ones. You take the good and you take the bad and you take the meh. So be it.

Which is not to say this has been a meh year, either. (OH JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY, GIRL!) I've had some great times with friends. I got to travel. Work has actually been bearable. I got a fish. FISH! Annnd I haven't majorly injured myself, but there's still December to contend with, and there's always the chance of show and ice and falling down, so I'll just stop here before I get myself in trouble.