Thursday, July 2, 2015

About 30 Years - Nice Round Number!

Happy 30th Anniversary to my favorite movie, Back To The Future!

Yep! July 3 is the 30th anniversary of the release of the film. (The year was 1985. Where were you when Marty McFly went back in time and crashed into a barn?)

I know other fans have written compelling articles recently, such as: "How Back to the Future II's 2015 and the real 2015 compare and contrast" ... but forget that. Instead, here are some things I wrote, like, ten years ago! (ETA: Some of these links no longer work. Apologies.)

Stepping Back (That time I interviewed 3 twentysomething BTTF fans)

The Life & Times Of Marty McFly, Age 37 (a goofy comic I drew in 2005)

(a professionally-drawn BTTF comic strip that I merely scanned & uploaded)

(something I wrote when I had way too much time on my hands)

Molly Goes To The Emerald City Comic Con (that time I saw Lea Thompson IRL and saw twenty-odd Deloreans drive by in a parade!)