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Goofy Expressions (As Seen On Back To The Future Characters)

Here are my choices for the 8 Goofiest Doc Expressions in Back to the Future part one.

This face is best appreciated while actually watching the movie, given the context: Doc has just told Marty that he'll be sent back to the future next Saturday night. Doc points... and points... and spaces out completely.

Lithium mode... on.

This is the ultimate Mad Scientist shot. He looks like he could kill you. But he wouldn't. Not on purpose.

In the Twin Pines parking lot, Doc spaces out once more. Why do I find this so funny?

Do I even need a reason?

Like picture #4, this one is funny because not only does Doc look maniacal, but some big electrical fan on the set (um, I mean the wind) is causing his hair to do acrobatics.

Doc is trying to send Marty some kind of non-verbal message. If someone was sending me that message, I'd run screaming.

As Doc's beloved wind-up convertible goes up in flames, he gasps in horror... friggin funny stuff. Oh wait, sad. I meant sad. Didn't I say sad?

Here we have seven screencaps of other characters in Back to the Future making weird faces. Of course, nobody can do it quite like Doc can, but they do give it their best.

I realize Clock Tower Lady is probably just really passionate about her line of work, but honestly, here she looks like she'll hit you with her can if you don't give her a quarter. 

I'm fairly sure Zemeckis only had to give the actors one direction, here: "Act pissed." They pulled it off nicely.

Poor Copernicus. Not only do you have to put up with challenged BTTF viewers who think you're Baby (puppy) Einstein, but you have to be the guinea pig in Doc's experiments. I feel your pain, but don't worry. He's gonna make his next dog be the world's first time traveler.

George, you just got a chocolate milk. Look happy. Look like you mean it.

With all due respect to Michael J. Fox and his undeniable adorableness, he bears a suspicious resemblance to a forest critter in this picture. I don't pretend to know why.

Okay, George does look a little silly in this picture. But the one I'm really concerned about is 3-D. What the hell is he doing!?

Marty, I realize you're stunned by the new-found changes in your family and your house. But I also think maybe you've been spending a bit too much time with Doc....

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