Sunday, May 15, 2016

Favorite TV Shows: May, 2016 Edition

 Favorite TV Shows: May, 2016 Edition

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My Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing (Or Have Aired Within The Past 6 Months), Regardless Of Whether Or Not I'm Caught Up With All The Episodes...

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
2. Call The Midwife
3. Rick Steves' Europe
4. Jeopardy
5. The Goldbergs

Honorable Mention: Dancing With The Stars (I'm generally not a fan, but with Nyle DiMarco and Jodie Sweetin on this season....)

What The Above List Looked Like Last Year (May 2015):

1. Community
2. Call The Midwife
3. Reign
4. Jeopardy
5. Rick Steves' Europe
Honorary Mention: Grimm

Guilty Pleasures I Like To Watch On Cable When I'm Housesitting:
1. Flea Market Flip
2. Salvage Dawgs
3. Endless Yard Sale
4. Barnwood Builders
5. Property Brothers

Shows I've Been Watching Via Netflix, YouTube or on DVD Lately:
1. Lois & Clark
2. Lark Rise To Candleford
3. The Office (re-watched every episode in 2015/16)
4. Back In Time For Dinner (British documentary show)
5. When Calls The Heart
6. Friends
7. Genevieve's Renovation
8. Fuller House

Shows I Need To Catch Up On/Finish Watching:

1. Fuller House...
2. When Calls The Heart

Shows I'd Like To Check Out:

1. Firefly

Shows I Said I'd Like To Check Out Last Year:

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (watched it; liked it!)
2. Firefly (Still haven't watched it!)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Random Things From My Childhood: A Helpful Index

Random things from my childhood is headed for the big 1-0-0! Here's an index of the 90-odd things I've already discussed. Part X to come... oh wait, it's here.

Part X

Tumblin Weebles Fun House
Field Trips
Playground Merry-Go-Rounds
Wendy's "Give A Little Nibble" Commercial
Nerds Candy
Cracker Jacks
McGruff The Crime Dog
McGee & Me
Barkley From Sesame Street

 Part IX

Dixie Cups
Playskool Pipeworks
Now You're Cooking
Bouncy Balls
Fisher-Price Crib Activity Center
Sleepover Friends
Sweet Roses Barbie Furniture
Temporary Backyard Swimming Pools
Giant Metal Slides
Somewhere Out There (Song)
Capri Sun


Fisher-Price Little People Merry-Go-Round
Domino Rally
"I Learned It By Watching YOU!"
Play Dough
Tin Can Stilts
Christmas Ornaments That Did Stuff
Tomy Wonderful Waterfuls Basketball
Soft As A Kitten (Book)
Tinker Toys

Part VII

Candy Land
Micro Machines
Newton's Cradle Office Toy
"Movie Monster" for Commodore 64 (Video Game)
Smokey Bear
Tupperware Shape-O Sorter
Super Soaker
Neapolitan Ice Cream
Bike Flags
Nintendo Cereal

Part VI

Strawberry Shortcake
Fruit Roll-Ups
Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
Tootsie Pops
That Fisher Price Toy
Child-Size Record Player

Part V

Ring Pops
Berenstain Bears (Books)
Magic Slate
"I'm Not A Chicken - You're A Turkey!"
Back to the Future II (Movie)
Goofus and Gallant
Film Projectors at School
Karate Kat

Fisher-Price Sesame Street Clubhouse
Charleston Chew
Babes In Toyland (Movie)
Armless Mr. Potato Head
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, Rudy Huxtable-style (Movie)
Cereal Commercials
The Rabbit Of Seville
Piano Lessons
Lady Elaine Fairchild

Heads Up 7 Up
Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre
Sweet Secrets
Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown (Movie)
Eloise Wilkin
Pogo Ball
Teddy Ruxpin
Final Fantasy Music

Winter Games (Video Game)
Where's Waldo? (Book)
Nosy Bears
Lego Forestmen's Hideout
The Baby-Sitters Club
Heidi's Song (Movie)
Jelly Shoes
Doublemint Twins
Bubble Tape

Robert The Rose Horse (Book)
Clowns (game)
Snoopy Brusha Brusha Toothbrush
Dream Glow Barbie
My Buddy
Skip It
Lite Brite
Fisher-Price Movie Viewer
Fisher-Price Music Box TV
The Little Red Caboose (Book)