Saturday, January 29, 2011

Favorite TV Shows: January, 2011 Edition

Back in the days of yore (and by yore, I mean high school) I used to list my favorite TV shows (in order, natch) in my diary.  I'd do an entry for this every so often -- sometimes within a matter of weeks, sometimes months.  Certain shows held their places firmly over time, some new ones got added, and others were discarded and forgotten.  It's funny to read those entries now and see what shows I was watching as a teenager.  Annnnd also a little embarrassing.  But you know what?  I haven't made one of those lists in a long, long time.  So darnit, I'm going to do one.  Are you ready?

My Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing (Or Have Aired Within The Past 6 Months), Regardless Of Whether Or Not I'm Caught Up With All The Episodes...

1. Castle
2. Community
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Antiques Roadshow
5. Burn Notice

What The Above List Would've Looked Like If I'd Written It A Year Ago...

1. Jeopardy
2. The Office
3. Robin Hood
4. Survivor
5. The Amazing Race

My Top 5 Shows That Have Aired Episodes In The Past Decade, But Aren't On Anymore...

1. Wonderfalls
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3. Extras
4. Robin Hood
5. Gilmore Girls

My Top 5 Shows That Haven't Aired In Ages But That I Own On DVD Or Watch In Some Other Way And Still Really Enjoy...

1. Lois & Clark
2. The Pretender
3. Mystery Science Theater 3000
4. Ducktales
5. Full House

My Top 5 Classic Shows That Aired Before I Was Old Enough To Really Watch Or Appreciate Them, But That Amuse Me Now...

1. Quantum Leap
2. Road To Avonlea
3. Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
4. Star Trek: The Next Generation
5. Little House On The Prairie (well, I did watch it as a kid, but it frightened me. not so much now.)

Favorite Genres/Types Of Shows:
*Set In the Olden Days
*Shows About Extraordinary People
*Shows About Ordinary People In Extraordinary Situations
*Humorous Sci-Fi
*Romantic Comedy
*Sitcoms Without Laugh Tracks

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