Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watching Pride & Prejudice...

...with my mother--

Mrs Bennett: "Blah blah blah, I just KNEW everything would turn out all right with Lydia and Wickham!  I don't care that my brother had to pay out a million tuppence for her safe return; let's plan what color taffeta she should don for the big day!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Me: "So... I think this movie was named after her."

My Mother: "No, then it would've been called Pure Stupidity."

Lydia: "I'm the first to be married and the youngest of all of you, my sisters!  HAHAHAHA!  What a laugh!  I'm sure you're all so very jealous of me!  Rolling on the floor laughing out loud, bitches!!!1"

Me: "There are four of them and one of her.  You think they could take her?"

Mother: *nods*

--When Jane asks Elizabeth when she first started noticing she was falling in love with Mr. Darcy--

Elizabeth: "...But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley." 

My Mother: "That's kind of rude of her, isn't it?"

Me: "Well, except that by 'beautiful grounds,' she really means 'his hot wet bod.'

My Mother: "Oh, okay then, that's all right."

Yes, all right indeed.

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