Saturday, August 13, 2011

Because Deciding Is Hard

Dear Kixia,

My hubby and I are having our 3rd baby in 4 monthss! We just found out we’re having another girl!!  Buuuut we can’t agree on a name!!! Our other childrens' names are: Braelynn Gabriella and Gracelynn Isabella.  LOL yeah we kind of have a pattern thing going on.  Should we stick with that, or go in a whole new direction?  What do YOU think???

Lizzy & Darius Cole

Lizzy & Darius,

Congrats!  OMG I love it when parents give their kids names with patterns! It brings such order to this chaotic world!  I TOTALLY think you should stick with what you have going.  If one sister had a name that was totally different from her OTHERS sisters, she might feel inferior or different!  That could screw her up for LIFE.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for girlie #3!:

-Charlynn Arabella
-Kennalynn Jezabella
-Azlynn Lionella
-Brooklynn Fontanella
-Sophielynn Nutella

Hope this helps! Let me know what you decide!


* * * * *
Dear Kixia,

We’re having our first baby in two months, a boy.  My parents are very religious and really they want us to name our baby something from the Bible.  So... my husband and I were talking about Joshua, Micah, Noah, etc.  But my husband’s parents, they think the baby should have a unique, unusual name.  What should we do??


Dear Angela,

One word: NEBUCHADNEZZAR!  King of the Bible!  And the name “Chad” is hidden in there, so you’ve got an insta-nickname!  Fabulous, right?  I wouldn’t stear you wrong.


* * * * * 
Dear Kixia,

My boyfriend and I have a three-year-old son, Jakobi Kai Isaiah… Jake for short.  Last week we found out that we’re going to be giving Jake a little brother in March!  We’re so excited!!  We want to name the baby something along the same lines, you know -- three names, with kind of the same sound going on… and we really like the letter “I”, so anything with that would be really awesome.  Thanks!



Oooh I love a good “must-have-this-letter” challenge! 

Let’s start with a short list of names with “I”…

-Ian (A little too popular, IMO, but an old classic nonetheless)
-Ike  (Can be short for Michael, but can stand alone as well)
-Isaac (“Zac” makes a nice nickname!)
-Ivan  (Love that “I-V” combo, don’t you?)
-Israel  (Does the child have Jewish roots? If so, pay homage.)
-Ishmael  (Literary references make your baby seem more intellectual. This can further him down the road.)
-Iverson  (The classic “Last name --> First Name” approach.)
-Iraq  (Topical & very modern!)
-Island (Names ending with -land are very IN right now.)

And then, of course, there are many names with the letter “I” positioned somewhere in the middle.  Some of my favorites include:

-Josiah (Biblical --> religious --> God will shine down on your baby!)
-Riley (Another popular one, but it would pair well with any of the above)
-Lionel (A strong name. Lions. RARRGHHH!)
-Giles (Unusual, but classy)
-Elijah (Elijah Wood --> Lord of the Rings --> Literary Reference --> Literature --> Smart Baby)

If you didn’t like the letter “I” so much, I would actually suggest replacing it with “Y”, as “Y” is just a touch better. Consider it!

Yvan Josyah Ryley
Lyonel Elyjah Yverson

See how nice that looks?

Good luck!

* * * * * 
Dear Kixia,

Help!!! The wife and I can’t agree on a name for our first child (a girl)!  Which name do you like better?  We’ll choose whichever you choose.

Option A: Alianna Ryleen Spencer
Option B: Blayke Jordana Spencer

Ken and Tiffany-Jo Spencer

Ken & Tiffany-Jo,

I say, when you can’t decide, JUST USE BOTH!  Lots of parents are going the “3-4 Names” route these days, there is nothing wrong with that!  If you are still unsure which order to put them in, I’d suggest using the first initial to try to spell out a word.  I was noticing that if you go like this:


You get BARJ!  Barj --> Barge, and that’s a word!  See?  Kids LOVE it when their initials spell something.  Mine do!  Kixia Alice Foster --> KAF --> Calf!  I love it, and so will baby Blayke!  Trust me.

Best wishes!

* * * * * 
Dear Kixia,

HELP!!! Three years ago, when I frist decided I wanted to have a baby, I told every1 that the baby’s name -- if it was a girl -- was going to be Savannah Grace.  I told EVERY1111!  Well, I shouldn't of, because GUESS WHUT -- my stupid cow of a cousin-in-law just had a baby girl and named her GRACE OLIVIA.  Now, I kno that’s not exactly the same, but the fact that she took MY name, Grace, really pisses me off!   Now I’m preggers, due in 8 months, and I have no idea what to do!!!  Pleeeease help me think of a better name then her so I can show her!!!



Girlfriend, I have an even better idea.  Keep the baby you’re about to have, of course, but ALSO… ADOPT a baby who is sliiiiightly older and bigger than your cousin-in-laws’ name-stealing baby.  Name your adopted child Savannah Grace.  Remind everyone that your baby was born first (which it WAS) and tell them that your cousin-in-law copied you.  That will show everyone, and you will have the last laugh!!!  As for your second baby, Shenandoah Glee would be a nice companion name!

Be sure to send me pix when the baby(ies) arrive!



Amy O. said...

These are HILARIOUS. And unfortunately could really be found on the internet - BARF!! Patrick is very tired of the "let's choose exotic and obscure Bible names" fad and is always joking that we should name our first son Nebuchadnezzar :-).

molly said...

Yeah, especially considering some Bible names are just horrid. Sure, Joel's always been around, but lately the minor prophets have begun to become popular names. Only this is not necessarily a good thing. I've encountered a kid named Amos and ugh, I just plum don't like it. Although this past year, the kindergarten class I worked in had a table with two boys who were good friends and their names were Jonah and Micah, and that always made me giggle.

Amy O. said...

A lady I know (who's due in about a month) told us they're naming their daughter Gracelyn.

I had to bite my lip. :/

mylaellison said...

@Amy O. - Now that's a special brand of wacky... taking names of places that normally have a "land" and changing it to "lyn".


And of course, you've got my future children's names: Disneylyn and Disneylyn Paris. I call dibs.

Amy O. said...

We'll let you have those ;-).

And you forgot Englyn.

Amy O. said...

And, of course, Portlyn.