Tuesday, August 23, 2011

These Shoes Were Made For... Running, Apparently

A Walk In My Shoes, the TV-movie I worked on last year, is having its ultra-spiffy encore presentation this Saturday (August 27th) on NBC. 

Trailer on Youtube (beware cheesiness)
Busted Benson Bubblers (my account of my day on the set)
And a screen cap:

It's the running of the bulls pedestrians!  I'm the girl on the right, behind the guy with the orangish shirt.  I was going for "worried and scared"  in this scene, but I'm one of the only ones who doesn't have my mouth in an O shape for most of it, so I dunno.

I watched the movie's premiere on TV last December. I had a friend over, and we riffed our way through it. It was okay....  It's just that there was this one lady....

The brown-haired lady.  Yeah, her.  She was some kind of angel, I guess.  And she'd pop up wherever and whenever, accompanied by music.  It reminded me a little too much of Touched By An Angel.   Have I ever told you about my sinister dislike for TBAA?  Well, maybe another time.

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