Saturday, August 20, 2011

If Only

Twitter wants to know what I Wish They Would Bring Back.

Oh, believe me, I've thought about this.

I've got a list.

And here goes.

I Wish They Would Bring Back...

1. Farrell's. The Portland Ice Creamery or whatever. The restaurant with the sundae that had like 13 scoops.  The restaurant with the freaking candy store in the middle.  The restaurant they sold and demolished in 2001 to make apartment buildings. JERKS!

2. All the dangerous, awesome playground equipment I enjoyed as a youth.  The big tires at Harold Oliver. The giant fireman pole at Lents Park.  The hamburger climbing thing at McDonalds...

Er, then again... I don't remember that looking quite so creepy...

3. Ball pits at Chuck E. Cheese.  Oh, I know they were infested with all manner of refuse.  But since when did kids care about that?  And I know I'm too old to go in them now.  But speaking of ball pits...

4. DISCOVERY ZONE!!!  That place was the best!

5. Saturday Morning Cartoons.  You knew this one HAD to be coming!  Yes, maybe I'm too old (lazy) to wake up early on Saturdays to watch TV anymore.  But I totally would if they would bring back all the radical shows from my childhood.  And speaking of THOSE...

6. The Disney Afternoon. With Ducktales, of course.


7. Mystery Science Theater 3000 -Yeah, I know, it's been ten years, everyone's moved on.  Mike, Kevin, and Bill are making us laugh with Rifftrax, and Joel and the other guys are doing their thing as well.  And I love Rifftrax, I really do.  But I also miss those adorable little robots.  I named one of my pets Servo, for heaven's sake!

8. Orbitz.

I don't know why. I never even really liked it.  It was just soda juice with little gummy balls floating around inside.  But hey, bring it back anyway, it was fun stuff, AND THAT'S WHAT'S IMPORTANT.

9. The Old-School Disney Channel.  Yep, here I go again with the Disney woes.  But see, back in the 80's and early 90's, they used to air 50s & 60's Disney movies, documentaries, and awesome shows like The Torkelsons.  And now, it's a breeding ground for skanks, low-lifes, and zipheads.*  Mickey's somewhere rollin' in his grave right now, srsly.

10. Meals on airplanes.  WHAT I LIKED THEM.

11. Caramel / Strawberry Pepsi.  Actually, I just really hate it how Pepsi can't just pick a flavor and STICK WITH IT. Grrr making me get all excited about a flavor, then ripping it away, grrr.

And in conclusion:

12. My Childhood

That is all.

(*Slightly modified BTTF2 quote, there.)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Also:

- TGIF line-up!!
- Ramblin' Rod Show (And now it's time for another cartoooooooooooon!)
- The BTTF ride at D-land

molly said...

I knowwww! I mean, I could make my list 100 things long. (Living in the present? PSSHHHYEAH RIGHT.) The BTTF ride was at Universal, not Dland, but yeah... and you know what else was at Universal that was awesome? FIEVEL'S PLAYLAND! It was the best. playground. ever. I guess it's at USFlorida now? But kind of different? I don't know.