Sunday, June 20, 2010

make mine art

I checked every CD tower. On the shelves. In boxes. Under the bed. Met some dust bunnies. Should probably clean someday. Couldn't find it anywhere. And then, at last, there it was -- in an obscure CD case nestled under papers I haven't touched in a year or more -- the CD-Rom of Paint Shop Pro 7, my favorite and most trustworthy art program.

I gingerly removed it from its sleeve and put it into the computer.  Would it install?  Would it work?  This is a newish computer I've got here -- what if it didn't work?  Then what was I going to do?  I could buy Paintshop Pro 9, sure, but that costs lots of money and besides, it's not as familiar to me as my friend, dear old #7.  No, it just had to work.

And then... the moment of truth....


As tears of relief and fondness sprung to my eyes, I kinda felt like Jodie Foster in Contact when she sees all the pretties in the wormhole in outer space.

"It's so beautiful!"

Yeah, Natalie Portman clone, I even kind of missed your stupid half face.

Now let's make some PICSHORES!!!1