Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Corona Chronicles: Chapter 20 - The Floor Is Omicron - Everybody On The Couch!


Since my last update -- back in October -- there have been over 100k deaths in the US. 

In October, I knew two people in my circle of acquaintances and friends who'd had Covid19.

As of today, I know 23, and that's not even counting all the kids at school who've either caught it or have had to quarantine because family members have tested positive.

I do weekly tests, and so far they've all been negative, but I've certainly been exposed.

I got my booster shot around Thanksgiving and the side effects were unpleasant. But they only lasted a day and a half, and weren't nearly as bad as having the actual flu, so: three stars; would do again.

Some schools have shut down. Ours might. They're still deciding. I honestly thought it would happen a lot sooner. This past week or so, there have been a ton of teachers and kids out. Our kindergarten class of 21 kiddos has been reduced to 9.

It seems useless and ridiculous to be planning a trip next summer, but the hope of being able to go somewhere distant is all that gets me out the door in the morning. 

So on I will plan, and hope things don't go awry.

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