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The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin - Episode 6

The Nation's
Supreme Mannequin

Episode 6

 The mannequinning life can be very exciting indeed. 

Sometimes being a mannequin means traveling to a different place entirely. And sometimes it means getting to visit a different TIME entirely.

Tonight, our four remaining contestants -- Eclaire, Kate, Chayanna, and Maxx, will go back in time to different eras in the past.

But first, a quick recap of this season thus far...

In week 1, we narrowed the pool of eligible mannequins from over 900 to just 8...

On that night, the world was introduced to Maxx, Cassidee, Chayanna, Eclaire, Jennica, Kendalrose, Aribella, and Kate!

But after she failed to deliver in the THEME photoshoot, Aribella was sent home.

Then it was renovation week, and the remaining 7 girls got fresh new looks! That was followed by an impromptu photoshoot in the park. 

But not everyone loved their renovation. After learning that Kendalrose had been complaining that she now looked like "somebody's grandma," we sent her packing due to her poor attitude.

The next week, the girls got to become mermaids! But when Cassidee failed to take chances in the pool, and had the weakest shots of the week, she was sent home.

The next week, the girls got to meet supreme mannequin Geneva Ryan! They were then given a CHALLENGE to create a look based on a literary character. Maxx wowed us all, and won a chance to be a celebrity for a night! Then it was off to the seaside, where the girls got their pirate groove on! 

Afterwards, the judges decided Jennica's photos had become too "safe," and she was eliminated.

Now, only four girls remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

* * *

The very day after Jennica is sent home, the girls receive an IRISGRAM. 

It reads:

It's time to spread your wings
It's time to explore
And soar

The girls are told to pack just one suitcase. They're promised a shopping spree in Sun City. And so, they pack and depart...

*big city montage music*

Their first stop? Their new apartment...

Chayanna; "The apartment is great. We walk in and the first thing we see is this bubble machine!"

Eclaire: "So naturally, we have to try it."

Chayanna: "We so do."

Chayanna: "Are those things even legal?"

Kate: "We all have to share a bedroom -- and a bathroom -- but it's cute, so, like, who cares?"

After settling into their new place, the girls hit the town...

When they return to their apartment that night, there is an IRISGRAM waiting for them!

It reads:

The past is always behind us
But forward's the best way for fashion
So what do you do
When the past says to you:
"I need you with a fiery passion"?
Be ready at 7 am.

The next morning, the girls arrive at the studio and are greeted by none other than judge Frederic Montag!

Frederic: "Hello ladies! Today you are going to be doing a photoshoot where you'll each be depicting a different decade. And your photographer is going to be... ME!"

"Chayanna, you will be depicting the 1990s. Eclaire, you will be embodying the 1960s."

"Kate, we will be giving you some BIG hair, because you'll be representing the 1980s! And finally, Maxx, it's time to get your groove on, because you'll be gearing up for the 1970s!"

"Now off to hair and makeup you go!"

We'll start with the farthest-gone era... Eclaire! Here are some of her best shots...

Frederic: "Eclaire was a 1960s DREAM. And she was very easy to work with. Listened to directions, but also took chances. I think we got some great shots."

Eclaire: "That was a lot of fun! I love this outfit, but I hate this hair. Get it off me!"


"The thing with Maxx is, she comes across as a little frigid. That's why we brought the bunny on set. It was either that or puppies."

Maxx: "I hate this color shirt, but who cares, because I got to pose with a bunny!"


Frederic: "Kate is like a chameleon. With a little change of hair and makeup, she can look like an entirely different person."

Kate: "I'm so glad I got this decade, because my mom was a teen in the 80s, and she had this exact same hairstyle! I just wish I didn't have to wear this boobalicious tanktop. It's so embarrassing."


 "Chayanna was great to work with. I asked for an edgier vibe from her, because, you know, the 90s were kind of edgy in a way, and she totally delivered."

Chayanna: "I was born in 2001, so I basically JUST missed the 1990s. I'm glad I got to experience them a little today!"

After a few group shots, the girls return home and begin to unwind.

That evening, another IRISGRAM arrives...

You're in a new city
And you should look pretty
So tomorrow a-shopping you'll go!
But late in the day
To your dismay
One of you will have to go! (home, that is)

Meanwhile, Maxx has begun to complain of a headache...

Maxx: "I feel like crap."

Chayanna: "Maxx isn't feeling well, so let's try and keep it down, okay?"

The next morning, the girls are driven to a clothing boutique, where they are met by none other than judge Lizzianna Parapluie!

Lizzianna: "Welcome, ladies! You are standing in the famous clothing boutique Nashions. It's still early, so the store hasn't opened to the public yet."

Lizzianna: "You all have one hour to spend $1,000 on new outfits. But most importantly, one very special outfit that you'll wear to judging tonight. Because whoever has the best outfit, according to us judges, will be automatically safe from elimination and will be in the Top 3!"

"So here's your money. Ready, set, goooooo!"

One hour later, the girls have spent all their money, and show off their very special outfits...

Eclaire: "Who doesn't love purple? It's the color of royalty and all that."

Kate: "Asian-inspired fashion is in."

"I went for a sort of sexy bedsheets look. I hope the judges like it!"

Maxx: "I really don't effing care... my head hurts and I just want to go home."

A short while later...

Iris: "welcome to Sun City, ladies! You had a shopping spree today, and you all look... WOW!"

"Today we'll be evaluating the 'time travel' photos you took. But we'll also be looking at the outfits you're wearing. The person who put together the best outfit, as decided by us judges, will be safe from elimination tonight."

"Let's start with Chayanna."

"Chayanna, here is your best photo..."

Lizzianna: "Stunning. You've sold me on those earrings. Where can I get a pair?"

Iris: "Your eyes look incredible."

Frederic: "I enjoyed working with you as your photographer. You gave me exactly what I asked for."

Iris: "Now, about your outfit. The all-white look is rather daring. Is that a two-piece? It is. The two pieces go remarkable well together. It's a simple outfit, but you make it look high fashion. Well done. Next up... Kate!"

"Kate, here is your best photo..."

Iris: "Is that really you, Kate? I can't believe it."

Lizzianna: "Kate, you look incredibly sexy here. I agree with Iris, you don't look like YOU. But you look amazing."

Frederic: "You take great photos. You're a dream. What else can I say?"

Iris: "Now, about your outfit... is that a sushi dress? It's cute, but I don't know. It kind of reminds me of the cutesy outfit Jennica put together during the challenge with Geneva Ryan. It works for a tweenybopper outfit, but it's not high fashion. Still, you look good in just about anything. All right, next we have... Eclaire!"

"Eclaire, here was your best shot..."

Lizzianna: "1960s mama! You nailed the look!"

Iris: "Love, love, love it. You seem incapable of taking a bad photo."

Frederic: "You were a photographer's dream. Every shot was amazing."

Iris: "But about your outfit. The purple is... well, it's...."

Lizzianna: "You look like a skinny grape."

Iris: "This seems like a very risque outfit for you, Eclaire. You're showing way too much skin."

Eclaire: "Um... I chose this because, you know, I'm trying to look more confident."

Iris: "Confidence is a slippery slope. I wish you'd chosen something a little less revealing."

Lizzianna: "Hey, I LOVE the midriff. I just hate the color."

Iris: "All right, lastly we have Maxx!"

"Maxx, here is YOUR best photo."

Lizzianna: "You look lovely, but this doesn't say 'model' to me, it says 'high school yearbook photo.'"

Frederic: "You seemed a little stiff at the photoshoot. I had to bring out the bunny just to get some softer looks from you. But even so, your shots just were not on the same level as the other girls' shots."

Iris: "What happened this week, Maxx?"

Maxx: "Nothing happened. I gave it my best."

Iris: "I have a hard time believing that."

Maxx: "Well, believe what you want to believe."

Iris: "I will do that. Now, about your outfit...."

Maxx: "Look... please don't even bother, okay? I'm so tired of being criticized. I know it's a part of this 'industry,' but it sucks. I'm tired of it. And I know I'm going home this week. So why don't you just send me home and get it over with?"

Iris: "AHEM. Ladies, you are now excused so that the judges may deliberate."

20 minutes later...

Iris: "Four gorgeous ladies are in front of me. But only three of you will remain in the competition after tonight."

"The first person I'm going to call is the girl who had the best photo this week. And that person is... Kate!"

Iris: "Next, the runner-up for best photo... Eclaire!"

"Unfortunately, that leave Maxx and Chayanna in the bottom two. Ladies, please step forward."

Iris: "One of you had the best outfit this week, and is safe from elimination based on that. But first, I want to address what happened a little while ago. Maxx, you were very rude to us judges. You did not let us complete our evaluation, and I am very disappointed in you."

Iris: "But you were right about one thing. You will be the one going home. Chayanna, you are safe."

Iris: "Maxx, do you have anything you wish to say to myself or the judges or the other girls standing here?"

Maxx: "Have a nice life, y'all."

Iris: "HOW. DARE YOU."

Iris: "I have given you the chance of a LIFETIME, and this is how you show your appreciation?"

"You were in the TOP FOUR! You could have won this thing! But instead, you let your ATTITUDE come between you and being a SUPREME MANNEQUIN. SHAME ON YOU!!!"

"And shame on you for making me yell like this, because I NEVER yell like this! I'm only yelling like this because I CARED about you! Cared with a D because that is in the PAST! Good riddance!"

20 minutes later...

Maxx: "Well, that was awkward."

Next week on TNSSM... the top 3 compete for the coveted #1 spot! Who will reign supreme? Find out!

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