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The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin: Episode 2

The Nation's
Supreme Mannequin
Episode 2

I wasn't ALWAYS the gorgeous supreme mannequin that you see on magazine covers today, and who you see before you now. 

Once upon a time, I (Iris Temple) was just a little girl with no fashion sense...

As a kid, my focus was on playing outside... not dressing up.

And then, one fateful day, when I was sixteen, a random man in the park asked if he could take my picture. He had a fancy camera, so of course I said yes!

It turns out that man knew some agents. One thing led to another, and before long, I had been signed! This was the photo that jumpstarted my career....

And now I want to jumpstart somebody else's career!

That is why I created TNSSM, The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin.

Last week, in our first episode, my fellow judges and I chose these eight ladies to be our Top 8 Finalists.

Maxx, Cassidee, Chayanna, Eclaire, Jennica, Kendalrose, Aribella, and Kate!

After learning that they are finalists, the eight elated ladies are taken to their new apartment, where they divide themselves into two bedrooms...

Kendalrose, Aribella, Chayanna, and Maxx choose the Glam Room...

and Kate, Eclaire, Jennica, and Cassidee select the Rainbow Room...

The girls begin getting to know each other. Kendalrose and Eclaire, both small-town girls, immediately hit it off.

Kate and Maxx prefer to keep to themselves. Perhaps they are suspicious of the other girls?

Aribella wastes no time making herself the center of attention...

Cassidee seems a bit overwhelmed by everything...

The next morning, the girls have to wake up super early, because it's time for their very first photoshoot!

At the studio, the ladies are introduced to renown makeup artist (and one of my best friends) Alexanza Simmons... 

Alexanza proceeds to do each girls' makeup, each keeping with a particular theme that I devised in my brilliant mind.

Today's photoshoot is being snapped by my good friend, photographer Wilbur Zsanziveti!

He wears a monocle. Isn't it adorbs?

The shoot begins...

Cassidee is given the theme Celebration. "You couldn't pay me enough to go to THAT party," said Zsanziveti. "But she does have a pretty face."


Chayanna, below, is given the theme Spring. She has a tough time getting into the shoot, but Zsanziveti compliments her intense gaze and strong profile.

Maxx gets the theme Winter. Alex was heard to remark: "It's funny Maxx got 'winter,' because her personality is ice-cold. She's kind of terrifying."

Jennica is asked to embrace the theme Magic. "Unfortunately, this particular shoot was not magic," said Zsanziveti. "Jennica had exactly one pose and two facial expressions."

Kate is given the theme Water. "Every shot of her was breathtaking," said Zsanziveti. "She just has this ethereal beauty."

Kendalrose is tasked with the theme Romance. "Unfortunately, Kendalrose didn't have a great day," Zsanziveti said. "We only found a couple shots we could use. Maybe pink just isn't her color."

Aribella is asked to portray the theme of Autumn. "On set, I could tell she had a big personality," said Simmons. "But when she got in front of the camera, she was like a deer in headlights. Had absolutely no idea what was going on."

Lastly, Eclaire is given the theme Rebirth. "I've gotta hand it to this girl," said Zsanziveti. "We had ash raining down on her, and she never once complained. The only thing with her is, I would like to see her try more things with her body."

Back at the apartment, the girls take to the confessional room to voice their feelings about the photoshoot...

Chayanna: "Don't get me wrong, I looked amazing today, but the photographer's monocle was really distracting."

Aribella: "AUTUMN? Friggin' BROWN makeup? Are they trying to sabotage me? I deserve better than this!"

Cassidee: "I thought I did okay? I don't know? It's so hard to say! I hope I did!"

Maxx: "I know I rocked it. What else can I say?"

Kendalrose: "The photoshoot was a lot of fun! I hope I don't get eliminated, so I can do another one!"

Kate: "I'm having a good time, but I really wish my mom could be here right now! I miss her soooo much!"

Eclaire: "I've been coughing up ash ever since the photoshoot. Please send help."

Jennica: "I hope I'm making my family proud. That's all I care about. Well, that and winning."

Shortly after the confessionals, an IRISGRAM arrives. That's a very special letter from me, Iris!

This IRISGRAM reads:

Eight different themes, eight equal dreams
Eight lucky Mannequins trying
But one was a dud, so tomorrow night
One of your dreams will be dying

Later that evening, an argument breaks out between Maxx and Aribella...

Aribella: "All I did was say, 'Maxx, could you put your plate in the dishwasher?' Because the kitchen counters were, like, starting to pile up with dirty dishes, and it's starting to smell in there. And she just went OFF."

Maxx: "I will put my $@#&-ing dishes wherever I want to put them! It's not my fault nobody else has cleaned up after themselves! Leave me alone!" 

Aribella: "Geez, calm down."

Maxx: "I $#&@-ing cannot STAND Aribella!"

Aribella: "Maxx is the WORST. What a jerk. And if these people think I'm going to clean the kitchen just because I'm the oldest one here, they're nuts. I am NOT their parent."

Maxx: "Yeah... so okay, the kitchen IS currently a disaster. We'll probably get ants or rodents or whatever. Look... if Aribella goes home at the next elimination, I'll clean the entire kitchen out of celebration. How's that?"

Speaking of eliminations...

The very next day, the girls face us judges for the first time since they made the Top 8...

Esteemed influencer Frederic Montag, renown personality Lizzianna Parapluie, and myself (Supreme Mannequin Iris Temple) are ready to critique these lovely ladies...

One by one, the finalists are called forth and shown their best shot from the photoshoot.

They are then sent to a waiting room while we judges make a decision about who to eliminate...

Iris: "Let's start with Eclaire..."

Lizzianna: "Her face is lovely; her eyes look sleepy."

Frederic: "We need to do something about her hair."

Iris: "She was a real trooper with the ash reigning down on her. How about Maxx?"

Frederic: "She looks every bit the ice queen, even when she's standing in front of us here at panel."

Lizzianna: "I'm not loving her goofy expression in this shot, but I love her eyes."

Iris: "Alexanza, the makeup artist, did comment that Maxx was a bit difficult on set, but she takes a great photo. What about Chayanna?"

Lizzianna: "She looks like she's smelling something foul."

Frederic: "Are you kidding me? I love the face. She's got a great profile."

Iris: "Chayanna needs to work on her poses. Up next... Aribella!"

Frederic: "The leaves are dead, and so is her face."

Lizzianna: "She's doing duck lips, but there's a weird shadow under her bottom lip. Also, she's too old for this business."

Iris: "She's 23, yeah, that's pushing it. Cassidee?"

Lizzianna: "When she's standing here in front of us, she seems nervous as hell. But in her pictures, she shines.."

Frederic: "I don't really see a Supreme Mannequin when I look at her. She's more commercial, I think."

Iris: "I think she could go either way. How about Kendalrose?"

Frederic: "I hate the angle. Was this seriously her best shot?"

Lizzianna: "She looks like she's about to pass out. Eyes rolling back in the head. Byeeee!"

Iris: "It IS one of the weaker shots of the bunch. Up next... Kate!"

Lizzianna: "Exquisite. Everything about this shot is perfect, except her teeth.:"

Frederic: "Yeah, but we could photoshop those out -- give her closed lips. The rest is divine."

Iris: "I think Kate is really going to surprise us in this competition. All right, lastly we have Jennica!"

Frederic: "Like I've said before... total Disney Princess. We just need to do something about the hair."

Lizzianna: "The blue makeup really makes her brown eyes POP. She's a stunner."

Iris: "I agree. Maybe not the strongest potential mannequin, but she does have something special."

After much deliberating, we finally decide who we're going to eliminate. The girls are called back...

Our choice for best picture of the week goes to...


Runner-up for best picture this week is...


The next person to be called is...


The next person chosen is...


Next it's...


Followed by...


Unfortunately, that leaves Aribella and Kendalrose in the bottom two...

Iris: "Kendalrose, you radiate beauty. Unfortunately, your photoshoot didn't go so well. But when I see you standing here in front of me, I see so much potential. Aribella, you stand before me, absolutely stunning. But the judges and I worry that, at 23, you might already be too old to break into this industry. You have the tenacity and the drive... we see that. And you're beautiful. But is it enough?

So... we've made our decision...

The person who will remain is...







Aribella returns to the apartment to pack her bags. In the confessional room, she lets loose:

"If these #%@$-ers think they've seen the last of me, think again. I can't believe they picked Kendalrose over me, especially when my picture was clearly better. I hate the judges and I hate the other girls. I hate them all. But especially Maxx."

* * * * *

Next time on TNSSM, it's RENOVATION WEEK! The girls will all get new looks, and of course they'll take more photos! And someone else WILL be eliminated! But who? 

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