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The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin - Episode 5

The Nation's
Supreme Mannequin
Episode 5

"Mannequinning is easy," said no one, ever.

Last week on TNSSM, the girls did a MERMAID photoshoot. Jennica, Maxx, Kate, and Eclaire swam beautifully, but Chayanna and Cassidee floundered. In the end, somebody had to leave, and that somebody was Cassidee.

Now only 5 girls remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

* * *

It is morning, and there is an IRISGRAM waiting for the remaining girls -- Jennica, Kate, Chayanna, Max, and Eclaire.

The IRISGRAM reads:

From basic to beautiful you will become
Come makeup-less all, and all dressed like one
Be ready at 7 am

Furthermore, each girl receives her own gift bag. Inside each is a black tank top, jeans, and heels.

The next morning, the ladies arrive at a boutique, where they are greeted by moi... 

Iris: "Good morning, ladies! As you can see, we are in a room filled with clothing, shoes, makeup, and even jewelry. We'll get to that in a moment. But first, I'd like to introduce you to someone who needs no introduction. She's a former supreme mannequin herself, and one of my best friends! You may know her from her hundreds of campaigns over the years...

...she's now the proud mother of six daughters and runs her own consulting firm. Please welcome... Geneva Ryan!"

Iris: "Today Geneva will be helping me judge a fun and exciting challenge for you five ladies! You will have 40 minutes to create a look that embodies the literary character of your choice."

Geneva: "But we don't merely want you to put together a costume. We want the outfit you assemble to represent high fashion. The winner will receive an exciting surprise AND will get to keep the outfit she has created."

Iris: "Ready, set, go!"

Iris: "Your time is now up! Now we'd like for each of you to describe the literary character you chose and explain how you went about creating your high fashion ensemble. Kate, why don't we start with you?"

Kate: "I chose Peter Pan, because I love that story. Like, the part about how even though Peter has basically run away from home to avoid growing up, he still wants to have a mother. That's so sweet."

Iris: "Next up is Eclaire."

Eclaire: "I picked Dracula as my character because he's so badass and awesome, and because I saw these jeans and was like, I have to do something with these. I went with a black top and shoes, and used a lot of black eyeliner to complete the look."

Iris: "Thank you, Eclaire. Next we have Jennica!"

Jennica: "I chose to embody Mary from The Secret Garden. I've got the floral skirt, as you can see, because... you know, gardens. And the cap, that's a nod to Mary's friend Dickon, who's from Yorkshire. It's just a happy little outfit but I also think it's high fashion because it's, you know, avant garde. I've never seen anyone else wearing something like this."

Iris: "All right, great! Next up... Maxx!"

Maxx: "I chose to go with the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland, but I wanted to make him more feminine, so that's why I have the necklace and the gloves and this tank top. I started with the hat and then based the rest of the outfit off the red, white, and black color scheme. I think it looks sophisticated, but also just a LITTLE bit... well... mad! Like the character."

Iris: "Great job, Maxx. And lastly, we have Chayanna!"

Chayanna: "I chose the White Queen, aka the witch from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I went with her because she's, like, the original ice queen! I chose items in white and silver, and just tried to make the whole look, like, icy-sexy."

Iris: "Thank you, ladies. Now we'd like to talk to each of you about how you did."

Iris: "We'll start with Kate."

Iris: "Kate, you look like you could step up and play Peter Pan on any stage in the country, right now. Your top half screams 'High Fashion.' But your bottom half says 'Summer Stock.' I would say you're halfway there."

Geneva: "You look beautiful, but I have to agree. I wish you'd chosen a long, billowy skirt, or maybe some silver heels or something to accentuate your lower half."

Iris: "Eclaire, when I saw what you'd chosen, I was pleasantly surprised. Vertical striped jeans and a horizontal striped top? Who knew that'd work! But it works! I just would have liked to see, maybe, a black scarf or a shirt with a high collar... something that said 'Dracula,' because if you hadn't told us which literary character you were supposed to be, I wouldn't have had a clue."

Geneva: "I wish you'd added a couple of red accents... maybe done red fingernails... a little 'blood' would have really made this outfit high fashion."

Iris: "Jennica, I have to say, I loved The Secret Garden when I was growing up, and I was so excited you chose this. But it really isn't high fashion. That floral skirt sort of  diminishes the look I believe you were going for."

Geneva: "You look adorable, and as an outfit, I can see my 12-year-old daughter being all over that. You might get away calling the outfit 'high fashion' if you're aiming to sell to tweens... but not the general public." 

Iris: "Chayanna, this is a great look on you, but it doesn't quite hit the high fashion mark, nor does it really seem to embody the Narnian witch. In the book and movies, she is SO overdone, so glamorous, and I think you fell a little short, there. I would've liked to see some more sparkles."

Geneva: "I have to disagree. I think you almost totally nailed it. I just wish you would've grabbed a faux fur stole or something to go over your shoulders. It would've been perfect."

Iris: "Maxx, that hat was a bold choice, but guess what? You sold it. That's what a mannequin is supposed to do, and you did it. Black, white, and red are VERY high fashion, as I'm guessing you know. So... well done."

Geneva: "I love love LOVE Alice In Wonderland, and this whole feminine Mad Hatter look is to die for! At first I wasn't sure about the gloves, but since they match the tank top they really do look like they go together. Absolutely high fashion. You hit the mark, here."

Iris: "Well, ladies, you all look fantastic, but there can only be one winner...

And that winner is... Maxx!"

Iris: "Congratulations, Maxx! Now, about your prize. In a little while, you all will be taken to a club downtown, where a number of my loyal fans are gathered. ]Maxx, as the winner of this challenge, you will receive a special bonus. You will be permitted to take selfies with fans, sign autographs, and sit in the VIP lounge. The rest of you ladies will still get to mingle with the fans, but will not be allowed to sign autographs or take selfies or sit in the VIP lounge. Maxx, you will be getting a taste of the celebrity life today! Plus, of course, you get to keep the outfit. Congratulations!"

Later, at the club...

Kate: "Maxx is totally drinking up all the attention she's getting. You can tell she's on cloud nine. I guess I should be happy for her. Am I? No."

Eclaire: "I think it's funny that Maxx won and that now she has to take a bunch of selfies dressed like THAT."

"Oh great, Maxx gets to keep her outfit, which means MORE CLOTHES TO GO ON THE FLOOR OF THE GLAM ROOM! Yayyyy!?"

Jennica: "I'm having a fun night, and I honestly don't care about taking selfies or signing autographs, so it's totally fine. I hope this party ends soon so I can go home and go to bed."

Back at the apartment, most of the girls begin to get ready for bed. But Maxx is still reveling in her win, and is still wearing her Mad Hatter outfit.

In the Glam Room, Chayanna steps on one of Maxx's bracelets and hurts her foot. Sick and tired of Maxx's mess, Chayanna lets loose...

Chayanna: "This room is a total sty! And I just stepped on your bracelet, which was on the floor for whatever reason, and now look at my foot! You need to clean up your dang mess!"

Maxx: "I'm sorry about your foot, okay? It's not like I threw the bracelet on the floor on purpose. It fell."

Chayanna: "And you might have seen it and picked it up if you didn't already have eight thousand pieces of clothing on the floor."

Maxx: "What do you want me to do? Put a piece of tape down the middle of the room like we're five years old?"

Chayanna: "My five-year-old cousin keeps his room neater than you do."

Maxx: "You are NOT my mother, so stop trying to act like it."

Chayanna: "Oh! Was it your MOTHER who taught you to be such a freaking slob?"

Meanwhile, in the Rainbow Room....

Kate: "Oh no, the Mad Hatter and the Ice Queen are fighting!"

Eclaire: "I'm listening to make sure they don't start killing each other."

Jennica: "Maybe if they start getting physical, they'll get sent home. TOP THREE FOR THE REST OF US, BABY!"

Back in the Glam Room, Maxx and Chayanna have called a truce...

Maxx: "Fine. I'll clean up the floor. But next time you want to borrow something of mine? FORGET IT!"

The following day, the girls are driven to Boarshead Beach and get decked out in pirate gear for their latest photoshoot!

Iris: "Welcome to Boarshead Beach, one of my favorite beaches growing up!"

Iris: "Today you will be photographed by world-renown photographer Lavender Tracy. Remember, now, that you are pirates... I want to see ferocity. I want to see it throughout your entire body, but especially in your faces! But I also want to see vulnerability. But I also want to see sexiness."

The shoot begins...

Eclaire goes first...






After the photoshoot, the girls are gifted with their own digital cameras,. Back at their apartment, they have some fun with them...

Moods are happy. 

Then another IRISGRAM arrives. It reads:

You stormed the beach as pirates
But one of you has buckled her last swash
After tomorrow, only 4 will remain
Yes, one of your dreams will be squashed

The next day...

Iris: "Good evening ladies!"

Iris: "It's down to five. Soon it will be four, then three, and so on. There can only be one winner. Let's talk about what the winner will receive, because apparently I've never mentioned that! They will receive a contract with Butterball Cosmetics, a spread in Pogo magazine, and $10,000 in cash!"

"And, of course, you know our judges. The first is esteemed influencer Frederic Montag. And, of course, we have the renowned diva Lizzianna Parapluie...

Iris: "We will now take a look at your best pirate photo from your recent photoshoot.

First up is Chayanna...."

Lizziana: "Chayanna, if this was an ad for makeup, you'd have sold me on it. Your face looks divine. But I'm not a fan of the shoulder. It looks like it's detached."

Frederic: "You look stunning. Absolutely stunning."

Iris: "Your eyes and lips are gorgeous. I don't like the raised eyebrow, though. You look a bit like a Dreamworks character. Next up... Eclaire!"

Frederic: "Your 3/4 profile is to die for. You look so intense. Bravissimo!"

Lizzianna: "You look great in all your pictures, but I'm getting bored. It's the same thing every time."

Iris: "I agree. Eclaire, your pictures are too safe. If you survive this week, I'd like to see you take more chances. Next up... Jennica!"

Lizzianna: "This was your best shot? It's mediocre, at best. You're a pretty girl, but I don't see MANNEQUIN."

Frederic: "You seem to be missing part of your lower jaw. It's distracting."

Iris: "Jennica, I had a difficult time choosing a photo for you. I chose a closeup because, quite frankly, you never do much mannequinning with the rest of your body. Next up... Kate!"

Frederic: "Gorgeous! Stunning! Spectacular!"

Lizzianna: "You look amazing. Everything about you is amazing."

Iris: "Kate, I had a difficult time choosing your best picture, because they were ALL fantastic. That's the mark of a true mannequin! And finally, we have Maxx...."

Lizzianna: "Your eyes are so beautiful. It's like you're looking into my soul. It's both creepy and exhilarating."

Frederic: "You've sold me on this beach, girl. Sign me up for a oceanside timeshare!"

Iris: "Maxx, you were the winner of the challenge this week. You rocked that Mad Hatter look, and I hope you enjoyed getting a taste of the celebrity life! My fans were so excited to meet you. You look beautiful in this picture, and you look beautiful standing before me now.

Now we judges will deliberate, and in a little while we will let you know who will be going home...."

A short while later...

"Five gorgeous ladies stand before me... but one of you must go home." 

"The first name I'm going to call had the best photo of the week. And that person is... Kate!"

"Runner-up for best photo of the week goes to... Chayanna!"

"The next name I'm going to call is... Maxx!"

"Unfortunately, that leaves Eclaire and Jennica."

Iris: "Eclaire, you are a stunning young woman. And in past weeks, you've taken some of the best pictures of this competition. But the judges and I worry that you are starting to become too safe. And safe, in the mannequinning world, is potentially boring. You also seem to lack confidence when you stand before us in judging. Jennica, you have a beautiful face, and the judges love your personality. But over the past few weeks, your pictures haven't really stood out to us. You give us 'good,' but we want 'WOW!' So... who stays?"






Iris: "Eclaire. Goodbye, Jennica...."

Jennica: "I'm really sorry to have to leave. I wish I could've been in the Top 4. I've loved getting to know the girls, especially Eclaire. I'm going to miss her. Best of luck to everyone. And this won't be the last you see of me!"

Next week on TNSSM, the girls depict different decades! And by the end of the episode, we'll know who will be in the TOP THREE, and who will be one step closer to becoming THE NATION'S SUBSEQUENT SUPREME MANNEQUIN!

Who will it be?


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