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The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin: Episode 1

The Nation's
Supreme Mannequin
Episode 1

Most of the world knows me as a world-famous supreme mannequin Iris Temple. 

I've been photographed all over the world... Milan, Paris, Miami, New York....

I've graced the covers of numerous magazines...

I've walked the red carpet at all the major awards shows...

And I've given hundreds of motivational speeches to the unmotivated...

In fact, I've been in front of the cameras ever since I was sixteen years old...

But very few people know the truth.

The truth about me. The REAL me.

The REAL Iris Temple isn't a big celebrity. She's... I mean I... am just a down-to-earth girl from California!

I'm just like everyone else! 

I love to be silly...

I shop locally...

I adore animals...

I've had an amazing career and I have a wonderful life.

But sometimes I do wonder... is there something more?

Then one day it came to me. I realized I wanted to do something special for other people. I realized I wanted to help find the nation's subsequent supreme mannequin.

I wanted to discover a girl from humble beginnings (like myself) who I could mold into someone who IS a supreme mannequin (also like myself.) 

So that's why I've created this competition.

I will select eight lucky girls, and I'll mold them into supreme mannequins. I will teach them things. I will take pictures of them. I will challenge them... push them to their limits.

But in the end, there can be only one winner.

I do not know yet who she will be.

Will she be blonde? A brunette? A redhead like moi? Will she be tall and willowy, or tall and lanky? Will she have doe eyes, full lips, or a perky little nose?

Again, I don't know yet.

But please... come along with me on this exciting new journey!

And in eight weeks or so, we'll all meet...

The Nation's 
Supreme Mannequin!

Here is how it all began: Over 902 hopeful young women that I scouted on Instagram and at the local mall were in the running.

We then invited 16 semi-finalists to Los Angeles, where they got to meet each other, briefly talk to me, and take a few photos.

These were our 16 semi-finalists...

Veronica Quillman, 21

Kaylee Pearson, 19

Jennica Wilshire, 20

Aribella Maurice, 23

Holland Burkhart, 18

Chayanna Dalton, 20

Ashtyn Grace, 22

Maxx Lenore, 21

KirstenBraunn, 21

Eclaire Holtz, 21

Sasha Corsette, 19

Kate Jones, 18

Kendalrose Thompson, 21

Alaina Morris, 22

Zara Holmes, 20

and Cassidee Stevens, 18

But in the end, there could only be eight finalists, so we unfortunately had to say goodbye to eight of those girls...

Kirsten: "I guess my mannequinning journey ends here. What next? I dunno. Maybe I'll go back to medical school."

Sasha: "When one door closes, another one opens. If anyone knows where that other door is, could you let me know?"

Here are the TOP EIGHT!

Let's meet them individually!

Aribella Maurice

Aribella Maurice, a 23-year-old Jersey girl, has been mannequinning since she was 18, but is hoping for her big break. Says Aribella: "I'm bold, independent, and I go after what I want. I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to win."

What we judges (myself, Frederic Montag, and Lizzianna Parapluie) say about Aribella...

 Iris: "She's a classic beauty. I see my younger self smiling back at me when I look at her."

 Frederic: "Her eyes remind me of a cat's. I like cats."

 Lizzianna: "I don't know if this industry needs another brown-eyed brunette, and besides, she's already 23! Time to retire from mannequinning, not start a career, honey!"

Jennica Wilshire

Jennica Wilshire is a 20-year-old college student from Miami, Florida. "I'm the oldest of six siblings," says Jennica, "and they depend on me. I'm doing this for them." Jennica describes herself as "fun and friendly." "But don't cross me," she warns. "I do have a dark side."

What we judges say about Jennica...

 Iris: "Jennica has a really unique look... that tan skin and wide face! Utterly gorgeous. I can't wait to see what she does in this competition."

 Frederic: "Cute, I guess. But a mannequin?"

 Lizzianna: "She's one of those odd beauties. Like a post-2008 Disney Princess Barbie doll, you know? She'll either be a hit or a miss. Maybe she'll be great. I don't know. Next?"

Maxx Lenore

Maxx Lenore is a 21-year-old bartender from Los Angeles, California. She has been mannequinning on the side since she was 16. "I won't settle for second place," she says. "I don't care who I have to walk over to get to the pinnacle of this industry."

What we judges say about Maxx...

 Iris: "Well, I mean, how could I say no to a fellow redhead? Maxx just has that certain something. She's ferocious. She's intense. I'm excited to see what she can do."

 Frederic: "She kind of terrifies me. I think it's her eyes. Or maybe it's the extra 'x' in her name."

 Lizzianna: "Personally, I think she's too pretty. Like... actress pretty, but not mannequin pretty."

Chayanna Dalton

Chayanna Dalton, 20, is from Amherst, Maryland. She has had a few local mannequinning gigs, but nothing major. Her friends and family often describe her as a "diva," but Chayanna begs to differ: "I like what I like and I know what I want. But I'm as down to earth as they come."

What we judges say about Chayanna...

 Iris: "That bone structure! That perfect skin! I can't wait to work with her. I have something amazing in mind for her if she makes it to Renovation Week."

 Frederic: "Chayanna is someone I could see going far in the mannequinning world."

Lizzianna: "I don't like her 'look at me, I'm all that' attitude, but if she can take a good picture, I'll take another look at her."

Cassidee Stevens

Cassidee Stevens, 18, from Salt River, Montana, describes herself as "sweet and shy." People have often told her she should be a mannequin, but her parents have never approved of the industry. "I auditioned for this show without telling them," says Cassidee. "I'm not usually the rebellious type, but I really felt like I needed to do this... for me."

What we judges say about Cassidee...

 Iris: "An absolute beauty who doesn't even realize what she has."

 Frederic: "Pretty face, and I love the hair, but pretty forgettable otherwise."

Lizzianna: "Gotta be honest -- I don't see 'mannequin' in her. Just a pretty girl you'd find at the local mall."

Kate Jones

Kate Jones, 18, has one regret about leaving home for the first time to be in this competition: "I'm really going to miss my mom. She and I are so tight. We're literally best friends." It was Mom who encouraged Kate to pursue mannequinning. Says Kate: "I'm going to give it my best. But whatever happens, I just want to make my mom proud."

What we judges say about Kate...

 Iris: "Kate has a really unique look, especially in the face. The hair, though... If she makes it to Renovation Week, we're going to have to do something drastic."

 Frederic: "She's got that vintage beauty look going on. Like a queen from 200 years ago. You know... like a painting!"

Lizziana: "If she doesn't crumble from missing her mommy, I could see this girl going pretty far."

Kendalrose Thompson

Kendalrose Thompson, 21, is from Bend, Oregon. "I've always had an interest in making my own clothes and stuff, but I don't know the first thing about the fashion world," she says. "But I'm willing and ready to learn!" Kendalrose describes herself as "silly, funny, and sweet."

What we judges say about Kendalrose...

 Iris: "She's tall and gorgeous and, sure, a little naive and clueless, but if she's truly a blank canvas... I mean, we can work with that."

 Frederic: "I am obsessed with this girl. Kendalrose. Like, who even needs a last name when you have that for a first one?"

Lizziana: "Give me a break. What's so special about her? This girl will be one of the first to go, mark my words."

Eclaire Holtz

Eclaire Holtz, 21, hails from Deerhorn, Indiana. Says Eclaire: "I think everyone's probably going to think, 'Oh, she's just a small town girl who doesn't know anything about fashion.' But I've been reading S'il Vous Plait since I was seven. I've been waiting for this moment my entire life."

What we judges say about Eclaire...

 Iris: "She's gorgeous, but when she's in front of us, she seems a bit nervous, like she lacks confidence."

 Frederic: "She seems kind of generic to me, but maybe with a little makeup...."

Lizziana: "Cutesy little country girl, sure. But a mannequin? We'll have to see."

NEXT TIME on The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin, the 8 finalists move into their new apartment and begin their new lives together. They'll also have their first photoshoot and -- when all is said and done -- one of them WILL be eliminated. 

Who will it be? 

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