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The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin: Episode 4

The Nation's
Supreme Mannequin
Episode 4

When I (Iris Temple) was a little girl, I used to watch The Little Mermaid over and over. I wanted to BE Ariel... Or, at least, one of her sisters. I wanted to be part of HER world. I remember I used to go over to my neighbor's house -- they had a pool -- and I'd wear this outfit that wasn't even a bathing suit -- it was, like, green leggings and a green top. Oh, and flippers. I thought I was pretty cool. The other kids probably thought otherwise.

 But I didn't care what they thought, because this was my dream, you know? And I think every little girl should have a dream.

And sometimes -- dreams really do come true! Thanks to makeup artist Alexanza Simmons and costume artist Pascal Wilsamore, I've been transformed -- temporarily, of course -- into a mermaid!

And stay tuned, because later tonight, the six remaining contestants will ALL be be transformed into mermaids! 

But first... in our last episode, there was an elimination, and Kendalrose was sent home. How are the remaining girls feeling?

Eclaire: "I was sorry to see Kendalrose go home. I really liked her. It should've been me. I just don't feel like I belong here. The other girls are so glamorous. I feel like a fraud."

Maxx: "The only person I like around here is Chayanna, and even she's getting on my nerves. Kate is so moody. Eclaire is loud. Cassidee is creepy-quiet. And Jennica is way too full of herself. I can't wait until every other person here is eliminated."

Chayanna: "Now that Aribella and Kendalrose are gone, the only people left in the Glam Room are me and Maxx, and Maxx is the biggest slob I've ever met. She leaves stuff all over the place... clothes, makeup, food, underwear, everything...  And that's probably why none of the girls from the Rainbow Room want to switch over to the Glam Room. It's just as well, though. More space for us. And for Maxx's giant mess."

Jennica: "The person I get along with the most is probably Eclaire. We're both smart and we both have dry senses of humor."

Eclaire: "I get along really well with Cassidee and Jennica. The only person in the Rainbow Room I don't really mesh with is Kate. She's just really hard to get to know."

Kate: "I feel like the other girls are leaving me out. I feel like the ugly duckling around here. Nobody cares about what happens to me. At first I thought that Cassidee might be someone I could get along with. But I see her whispering with the other girls. Are they talking about me? I have no idea. But it makes me wonder who I can trust. I really wish my mom was here."

The next night, the girls receive an IRISGRAM.

It reads: 


The following morning, the girls get in a van to ride to the shooting location. Maxx almost makes everybody late because she can't find her shoes!

The girls sure have a surprise when they get to the location. It's an Aqua Park! And who is there to greet them? I, of course!

Iris: "Ladies, today's photoshoot is going to be very exciting. You may be wondering why we are here at this Aqua Park. That's because we are going to be transforming you into MERMAIDS!"

"You will be wearing full body costumes designed by world-renowned costume designer Pascal Wilsamore. You'll also have your makeup specially done by Alexanza Simmons!"

"Furthermore, you will be donning a very special pearl necklace from the Hans Niffler collection, and you will be showing off this necklace in your photos. All right, ladies... let's get going!"

Kate: "When Iris told us we were gonna be mermaids, I was just like, WHAT? I couldn't believe it. But just now they showed us the concept art and... wow... I'm going to look totally different. I can't wait!"

Chayanna: "The concept art looks incredible. I mean, I'm really excited about the shoot... the costumes, the makeup, the Hans Niffler jewelry. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the whole 'getting in the water' thing. I can swim, don't get me wrong... it's just not my favorite activity."

Eclaire: "I'm trying to stay positive, but between the costumes, the makeup, the hair, and the water, I think today is going to be a very long day."

Jennica: "This is like a dream come true! I've always either wanted to be a mermaid, a princess, or a unicorn! Today I get to cross ONE of those things off my bucket list!"

Cassidee: "I'm a little nervous, because I'm not a big fan of water. I had a traumatic experience when I was a kid. I almost never even go near water at all in my normal life. And now I have to not only spend all day in a pool, but I have to mannequin? I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off."

Maxx: "This is going to be amazing. I'm going to look amazing. Watch me rock it. I'm totally going to rock it."

The girls take to the water...

Eclaire absolutely shines, impressing everyone.

Kate looks totally gorgeous in violet, and she rocks the shoot...

Maxx's intense gaze gives her mermaid a haunting quality... but in a weird way, it totally works!

Jennica looks lovely, but she doesn't have very much variation with her poses. 

Chayanna seems uncertain at first, but after a while she begins to really shine.

Cassidee looks luxurious, but she seems very nervous about being in the water. We do get a few good shots, but I am disappointed that she doesn't seem willing to take many chances.

The next day, the ladies are given some free time to explore the surrounding town. But that evening, when they return to the apartment, there is an IRISGRAM awaiting them...


The next day, the ladies arrive at the judging panel...

They are each shown their best photo, and this time they are given individual feedback by the judges.

Iris: "Chayanna, this is your best photo, and you look majestic. I love the mermaid tail flowing behind you. What I'm concerned about is your expression... it's a little safe. I need you to be open to trying new things. New poses. New facial expressions. That's what being a mannequin is all about."

Lizzianna: "Congratulations on keeping your eyes open underwater. That's tough. I don't love the head-on shot, I would prefer profile, but that's a small thing. Overall, I'd say... nice."

Frederic: "The necklace shines. You did your job as a mannequin. Cute tail, too."

Iris: "Jennica, the top half of your face looks incredible. Your eyes sparkle. But I'm not a fan of the toothy grin, and you seem to have been doing that in a lot of your shots lately."

Lizzianna: "Yeah, that's not mannequin-esque, honey."

Frederic: "I wish you'd made yourself an inch taller so the whole necklace was out of the water. My other regret is that we can't tell you're supposed to be a mermaid, here."

Iris: "Eclaire, you look unbelievable. I know they put a wig on you, but you look amazing in it. It almost makes we wish we'd given you hair extensions during Renovation Week. The only thing I want to say to you is that when you're standing here in front of us, you seem to lack confidence."

LIzzianna: "I love this photo. You look amazing. I'm chuckling at the background because at first I thought that was part of your costume. Then I realized there were other girls swimming behind you. Mermaid booties, ahoy! But you're just stoic... you rocked this."

Frederic: "Girl, I am in love with this picture. I could see it as an editorial in a major magazine, like, tomorrow."

Iris: "Maxx, I don't know if it's because of your red hair, but you absolutely nailed the mermaid look. You look like Ariel on her wedding day. And honestly, I had a difficult time choosing your best photo. There was one where we could see your tail and everything, and that shot was amazing, too. But this one was la creme de la creme."

Lizzianna: "You knocked it out of the park, Maxx. Could've fooled me. Are you sure you're not a real mermaid?"

Frederic: "Again, I would've liked to see all of the necklace out of the water, but other than that, it's a stunning picture."

Iris: "Cassidee, this was your best shot, and to be honest, there weren't a lot of good ones to choose from this week. You seemed stiff and awkward, like you weren't enjoying it."

Lizzianna: "Yeah, this photo does nothing for me. I can't tell you're a mermaid, and I can't tell you're supposed to be showing off a necklace. The face is nice, but that's it."

Frederic: "Sorry, honey, but it's like you didn't understand the assignment."

Iris: "Kate! I love the effect of the picture, but I wish you'd done a stronger expression with your eyes. You look like of dead."

Lizziana: "I was gonna say... like a dead fish. But everything else about the picture is radiant."

Frederic: "You showed off the necklace, and you look great. Overall, not my favorite photo you've taken, but it's still high fashion. I'll give you that."

Iris: "Now it is time for the judges to discuss you ladies. Go away for a while, and when we call you back, we'll let you know who is going to be saying goodbye to their dreams of becoming The Nation's Subsequent Supreme Mannequin."

A short while later, the girls are summoned back...

The best photo of the week goes to... Eclaire!

The runner-up this week is... Maxx!

Called next is... Kate!

And then it's... Jennica!

Which means Cassidee and Chayanna are in the bottom 2 this week. This is a first for both of them.

Iris: "Two gorgeous ladies are here before me. But one of you must go home. Cassidee, over the past few weeks you've shown that you have beauty and poise. You rocked the park photoshoot and got Best Photo. But this week, when it came time to be a mermaid, you floundered. And Chayanna, the judges and I worry that your photos have been too safe. In the mannequinning world, safe can be boring.

So who remains?








"Goodbye, Cassidee."

Back in the confessional room, Cassidee reacts to her elimination...

Cassidee: "My parents are totally against the mannequinning industry, and I guess I can kind of see why, now. Rejection can be really brutal. And it sucks that I got eliminated doing the mermaid thing. I can't help that I'm afraid of the water! At least I got in the water at all! At least I tried. Sigh. I'm going to miss everybody a lot."

I was sad to see Cassidee go, but as this is a competition, somebody had to!

Next week, the girls will storm the beach as PIRATES!

Who will steal the show and swashbuckle the competition?

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