Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And for once it might be grand...

Okay, I'm all into Beauty and the Beast again. I say "again" because this comes in regular cycles. 2012 has been a good year for BATB. The Broadway show, the 3D theatrical release... I reckon it won't be long before I'm lovingly stroking the DVD and dancing around the house to Be Our Guest. But until then, here's a little snippet from my dad's journals regarding me, my cousin Emily, my brother Stan, and my mom Carol.

"January 1, 1992:

Emily stayed overnight with Molly and this afternoon we all went to see 'Beauty and the Beast,' a really fun movie, as it turned out. Molly & Emily bought a huge tub of popcorn & drinks for themselves & Stan. When Carol asked Stan why they did that for him, he replied, "Because they're loving cousins and sisters!""

It's funny how my New Year's resolutions back then were along the lines of "be nice," and they lasted roughly 24 hours.


Emily Blair said...

Ha! This is hilarious! And I have no memory of being so nice. :)

molly said...

I don't remember this either. I remember seeing the movie with you. That's it. Not Stan being there, not popcorn, not drinks.

Gaston's hairy chest, yes.

Funny how the mind works.