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Another Alaskan Adventure! ... Day 4

Another Alaskan Adventure!
Day 4
Monday, August 19

Today I woke up around 6am, thanks to the stateroom TV, which was tuned to the "ship bridge channel o'light."

I ran up on deck and got a few sunrise pictures. 

Then I went back to bed. 

Sunrise Goal: Complete.

Around 8, I woke up for real, and went to the International Cafe for coffee, a yogurt parfait, and banana bread. Later, I supplemented that hearty breakfast with cornflakes from the buffet.

Then I dressed warmly and went out on deck to sight-see. I was out there until about noon, came back inside to warm up and have lunch, then went back out.

Throughout the afternoon, I was in and out, eating and looking at the sights. A park ranger had come aboard earlier in the day and was giving out information as to our location, cool things to look for, etc.

We went down the Tarr Inlet and saw Margerie Glacier.

Then we went down Johns Hopkins Inlet and saw the Johns Hopkins Glacier.

The sun came out, and the air began to feel warmer than it had in the past day or so.

Around 5:45 that afternoon we passed by one big island, and several smaller islands, teeming with stellar sea lions and puffins! I also saw several whales in the water.

It's not easy taking shots on moving boat, of moving objects, while the camera's zoomed way in. :)

All in all, Glacier Bay was incredible!

To add to my good mood, I bought a chocolate milkshake at the poolside ice cream place. Delicious!

At some point this afternoon, I checked the dining room menu for dinner (posted outside one of the Italian-Arist-Named Restaurants; don't ask me which.) Another one of my goals for this cruise was to eat in the main dining rooms at least once. However, the only vegetarian dish being offered that night was some kind of stew, so I passed on that. I decided I'd try to eat in the MDRs on Juneau night. (In Skagway I had an excursion that went well into the evening; Ketchikan, I'd made a reservation in one of the specialty restaurants.)

So tonight, it was back to the buffet for me. I had grilled & marinated veggies, garlic bread, and cheese.

I stepped into one of the lounges for 20 minutes or so to listen to a musician who was playing the guitar. An elderly couple was dancing to the music. Aw.

At some point I went into one of the on-board shops, the one that sold souvenirs and toiletries and stuff, looking for dental floss (I was out) and Neosporin (for the wound on my hand.) They carried neither. I even asked. Well, I thought, maybe I'll be able to find those things in Skagway....

I watched the sunset, read one of my library books (Hidden Treasures), and looked at the itinerary for the next day.

I made plans for the next day: Get up, walk around Skagway, look for a store that sells floss and Neosporin, and hit up one of the town's free Wifi spots. After that, I wanted to come back to the ship to eat and rest before my afternoon/evening excursion. 

While looking at the on-board itinerary again, I realized I was going to miss an event called "Meet Sled Dog Puppies!" They were bringing puppies onto the ship? And I was going to miss it, because of my excursion? Noooo!

Oh well. Puppies or no, I had a full day planned for tomorrow. Read all about my Skagway adventures... next time!

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