Thursday, June 19, 2014

From Port To Port

Today we're driving from Portland, Oregon, to Port Angeles, Washington. 230 miles o'fun.

When it's not raining, there's a really nice view out the car window...

There's an even better one inside....

Heh heh heh

Four hours later, we arrive in Port Angeles!

I should tell you a bit about Port Angeles. P.A. is famous for several things, notably:

*It's the place that has the ferries that can take you to Victoria, British Columbia,
*Bella and her chums went there in Twilight. (More on that later....)

I myself am here because I'm visiting my aunt and uncle, who live in town. My mom's with me. We come here every year or two, only I can't remember when the last time was, but whatever, moving on....

 My aunt & uncle have a cat & a dog...

They are both adorable, as dogs and cats ought to be.

On our first full day in Port Angeles, my mom and aunt want to paint rocks and birdhouses.

So we paint!

Behold the as-yet-unfinished rock of strawberry non-glory!

That evening, we go for a walk -- my mom, my uncle, the dog, and I.

I'm carrying my camera.

I see an eagle!

And an airplane!

 My mom, my uncle, and the dog totally leave me behind...


The next day, my mom, my aunt and I venture into the main part of Port Angeles...

Oh hey, what's this?

HEY WAIT A MINUTE! Didn't that used to be....

Twilight shop, noooooo!

I wrote about the place in 2010. And now it is no more. 

Moment of silence for the Twilight shop....

Surprisingly, the only Twilighty thing I see in the whole town this visit is a postcard that says "Welcome to Forks" It has a photo of the high school and a red pickup. Sort of sad.

We have lunch at this great place, I forget its name--

Roy Rogers -- yum!

While waiting for our food, I play around with the macro settings on my camera...

...and we watch some football on the telly.

That evening, after dinner, we visit a nearby playground. And you know me -- I take pictures...

And why, yes, I did manage to injure myself! Twice!

Sadly, we leave Port Angeles the next day. The drive home is pleasant....

I am even allowed to get out of the car a few times and take photos.

Washington drivers are a fun bunch...

Hey, put those paws on 10 and 2, dog!

After a four hour drive, we are back in Portland. The past few days have been peaceful, but fun.

Next travel adventure destination: Minneapolis! 

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