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All About Everything - Week Of March 12, 2013

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Radar Rat Race was a 1981 game for the Commodore VIC-20, later converted to the Commodore 64. It was among thirty game titles marketed by Commodore on cartridges. It was a clone of the Namco arcade game Rally-X.

The player guides a mouse through a large maze. The camera follows the mouse and shows only a small portion of the maze at any given time. The player is pursued by at least three rats. The goal is to eat all of the pieces of cheese, shown for the entire maze on a radar screen, without getting caught by a rat or bumping into a stationary cat. By pressing the joystick button the mouse can disperse a limited amount of magical dust which confuses the rats for about five seconds.

Once the round is complete, the game starts again, with more rats and faster play.

The gameplay is accompanied by a frenetic, rhythmically altered version of a phrase from Three Blind Mice, which cycles endlessly.
So I used to own this game as a wee lass, and I remember that I enjoyed it. Which I find odd, now, because it sounds absolutely horrible.


Dang, they weren't kidding about that endless cycle of Three Blind Mice, were they? I think the only reason I "liked" this game as a kid was because I only owned three games at the time... and one of them involved dentistry.

And you know, we can laugh/cringe at how primitive those games were (the 80s, amirite?), but I have a cell phone (not a smart phone) and I bought a game for it where there's this dog. And that's all it is, this dog. You can feed it. Then you can take it to the park and have it jump over obstacles. Then you can feed it. Then you can take it to the park and have it jump again. And that's it. And it costs me $4 and I'm kind of annoyed about that.

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