Friday, April 13, 2012

Watching The Natural...

...with my mother.

Before the movie

Mom: "Do you have a movie for us to watch? And don't say Pollyanna or Anne Of Green Gables."

Me: "Mary Poppins?"

Mom: "Nooo!'

Me: "Here. Let's watch The Natural."

Mom: "Oh, I saw this movie a long time ago. Many years ago, when your father was alive. This came out when he was alive, didn't it?"

Me: "I should hope so; it came out in the 80s."

Mom: "So he was alive then."

1/5 of the way in

Mom: "*gasp* That guy looks JUST LIKE the guy from Anne Of Green Gables!"

Me: "Um, because it is."

1/3 of the way in

Mom: "I don't remember any of this so far."

Two minutes later

Mom: "Is this not the movie where they build the baseball diamond in the cornfield?"

Me: *sigh*

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Amy O. said...

I love your mom :-)