Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blogtastic Update!

So I'm going to start doing lists. I'm thinking... Top 14's. I know most people do Top 10's, but whenever I try to do just 10 I end up having to tack more on later because I realize, ugh, I missed one... or two... or four. So I think 14 is a safe number. The lists will be of all sorts -- movies, shows, people, songs, soundtracks, places, carnivorous beasts, you name it.

So stay tuned... there's one coming! Because tomorrow is September 14th and that is just perfect!

I'm also planning to start doing the weekly Tropes thing again. Look for those Sunday nights or Monday mornings (or Tuesdays... or Wednesdays.)

In conclusion, I'll leave you with three random photos off my hard drive:

You're welcome.

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