Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy California Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3
Ramada Hotel to Legoland
4 miles

At the land of the colorful bricks...

"Look! It's made of Legos!" is exclaimed, even after the thousandth time we've seen something made out of Legos.

 Legos from a boat.

We ride the dragon coaster...

...and buy a souvenir photo. And then, the ultimate souvenir: the same photo made of Lego bricks. Holla!

We find a medieval playground...

Then, on to more rides.

We stand in many lines.

The kids play Rinth Island on the iPhone while waiting.

The downhill plummets make me scream.

 We spend the afternoon in the water park.

I return to the motel with a sunburn on my shoulder blades.

Olympics, Scrabble, then bed.

More Legoland on the morrow.

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