Friday, August 10, 2012

Crazy California Road Trip: Day 4

Day 4
Ramada Hotel to Legoland
4 miles

And it's back to Legoland for the day!

Hmmm, where to first?

We hit up a few rides in the land of adventure, then go for some cooldowns.

There's a 4D show to watch (Clutch Powers -- familiar with the kids), then some time for Lego building.

We find some Lego Wizards...

The kids play while we relax.

The cycle ride has an hour wait, so we play...

...and climb aboard a neighboring ride...

Finally, we get on the cycle ride. Much too short, but it offers great views.

The minifigures around here aren't so mini.

An Indiana Jones-esque walkthrough activity is a big hit.

Going for a climb. No, you couldn't get me up there.

Cooling off with a treat.

Back to the motel...

a dip in the pool...

some Lego playtime,
and then bed.

North to San Dimas (and Amy!) tomorrow!

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Amy O. said...

You got so many great pictures!!