Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crazy California Road Trip: Day 2

 Day 2
Redding, California to Carlsbad, California
632 miles

Waffles for breakfast at La Quinta, then we hit the road.

Picnic lunch in Lathrop, CA, where a brightly-hued mod playground resides.

Isn't it pretty?

Fun's over. We have a long drive ahead.

Naps in the car.

We plan to stop for dinner before we hit L.A. but the traffic is nice so we say hey, we'll find something to eat off the freeway in L.A.


Driving through L.A. = a heightened appreciation for Oregon. Not any particular part of Oregon. Just... Oregon.

Finally, near 8pm, a Red Robin appears. Like an oasis. We rush toward.

Dinner over, back in the car. Still another hour+ to our hotel. 

Then, Ramada at last. There aren't enough beds. Kids go on the floor with extra blankets and are out cold in ten minutes. 

Tomorrow we visit the Lego(s).

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