Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crazy California Road Trip: Day 7

Day 7
San Jose to Ukiah, Ca, via Half Moon Bay
179 miles

10am: Back on the road again....

We drive to Half Moon Bay, a small, cute town. First stop, the beach.

It's a bit of a walk, but a nice one.

The kids frolic in the waves.

(Okay, I do, too.)

I find some cool rocks. Later, I will study them.

We drive to a park for a picnic lunch.

Mmm, California strawberries!

Next we go to a farmer's market. Nearby they've set up a bouncy house and the kids go for a boing.

After a day of beaches, playgrounds, and bouncing, the kids' energy is slightly diminished.

There's an antique shop up the road. 

We check it out.



It's like that lady's garden in Harriet The Spy. 

Kitteh! She let me pet her:)

Later, some more excitement as we cross the Golden Gate bridge and I hum the Full House theme.

 We stop at Denny's (again!) for dinner.

 Another hour's drive and we're at our new motel. We swim, watch part of the Olympics closing ceremonies, and hit the sack. Tomorrow, we plan to drive through a tree! Wish us luck!

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