Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crazy California Road Trip: Day 8

Day 8
Ukiah to Crescent City, California
241+ miles

A continental breakfast...

...and then we're on the road.

Today is a day of many trees...

Founders Tree... Chimney Tree... Grandfather Tree... Grandmother Willow....

Okay, maybe not her. But about 752,000 of her distant cousins.

And then there was the time we drove through a tree....

And explored a hollow fallen tree....

And climbed inside a living, standing hollow tree....

So, basically, TREES.


Grant: "I can't believe that tree was as old as Jesus!"

 Besides tree-seeing, we do lots of singing in the car. There's This Land Is Your Land on the trek through the forest.... Queen songs during a traffic jam.... and a Beauty and the Beast medley, provided by myself, in which a stuffed dog takes the role of Belle and a water bottle stands in for Gaston. 

(I think I  may have frightened the children.)

We make it to our hotel in Crescent City, California.

Subway for dinner.

Playtime in a park...

Cuckoo birds!

Then, a walk to -- and on -- the beach.



As the sun slinks lower in the sky, we head for our hotel for some Sporcle, Antiques Roadshow, Scrabble, and sleep.

Oregon calls. Tomorrow we'll make our approach.

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