Monday, August 6, 2012

Grin, Grin, Glare

So it's day I-don't-know of the 2012 Olympics and wow has it been exciting! So much to report on since last week. (Like you need me to report anything; you've all been keeping up with all the events, right? RIGHT?)

Let's just say after the past week, there are now two things I know for sure:

1. The beach volleyball sand is really really deep.

2. "Threepeat" is apparently a word now, even though google still gives it the red squiggly line when I type it. Whoa, wait a second, google even gives "google" the red line. That is shameful. (I think I'm supposed to capitalize it. I won't bend.)

Meanwhile, in gymnastics... how cute is this kid?

Gabby Douglas (USA), the gold medalist in the ladies' gymnastics all-around competition. Though I don't know how any of those gymnasts fly through the air like that. It just doesn't seem possible. And yet, there it is. And talking about God after her big win: "I give all the glory to God. It's kind of a win-win situation. The glory goes up to Him, and the blessings fall down on me." Yeah! Gabby, keep on rockin'.

Then here we have Chad le Clos...

...aka, "The Guy Who Beat Michael Phelps."

20 years old from South Africa, and highly adorable.

Swimming is still one of my favorite sports to watch at the Olympics. Michael Phelps, of course, and now Missy Franklin and Chad le Clos as well. And watch out for Katie Ledecky! 15 years old, winner of the 800 meter freestyle, and now the American record-holder.

When I was 15... well, let's just say my life didn't revolve around anything resembling exercise. :/

After the swimming portion of the Olympics came to a close, I was worried I wouldn't have anything else to really get excited about. And then came this...

The women's marathon! In London! Like, past all those famous buildings! I never knew watching a marathon could be thrilling. They're so long. But it was really cool! First everyone was in a big pack. Then they started to spread out. But the people in the front didn't necessarily stay there the whole time. People from way back were able to catch up. Then in the end, it wasn't even that close of a finish.

Just watching them go all that distance and never stopping... wow. WOW. How? I'd be collapsed after a minute. (I know, they've trained and are in great shape. But still. My props go out.)

But back to gymnastics for a second...

Ah, McKayla Maroney. The commentators would not shut up about how perfect she was and how she had never had a bad leap-dee-doo on the vault. How there was no way she was going to walk out of there without the gold. Well, apparently McKayla thought so too, and then... she landed on her behind. Then she wore this face until I finally turned off the TV.

Yeah, it's sad. You got silver. Okay. But with her apparent attitude, I didn't really feel for her. I felt more for Ellie Black from Canada.

She did a really wacky landing and harmed herself, but she didn't seem pissed, just disappointed.

Great job at the team finals, Ellie, and I hope you have great success in the future!

And please, never let me catch you making the Maroney face.

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