Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Day In Milan

Two months ago, I was planning to go to Florence and see David. That changed (something about things in Florence being closed on Mondays) and instead I went to Milan to see The Last Supper. No regrets there. I want to return to Italy someday and explore it more thoroughly... visit Florence and Rome and Verona. For now, just a small taste will have to suffice.

Other than seeing TLS, I hadn't really made any solid plans for Milan. The night before, I was looking up things to do via the internet, and the Duomo popped up. The name was familiar, probably because Rick Steves gushed over it once or twice, and when I mentioned it to my cousin she said I must go.

An €11 ticket gets you into the building, into the below-ground archaeological site, into the next-door museum, and onto the roof via stairs. (For just €4 more you can ride the lift. I almost wish I had forked over the money; my poor legs.) I can't say what my favorite thing was. The rooftop was exciting, the decor and stained glass in the church was beautiful, the ancient relics in the museum were mesmerizing, and the underground tombs and baptistry were creepy/cool.

Then, in the evening, I went over to the Piazza S. Maria Delle Grazie, home to Leonardo DaVinci's masterpiece. You have to get tickets to that in advance, and they let you in in groups of about 20. You get 15 minutes to look at TLS, plus another painting on the wall opposite. There are plaques in there that tell you which apostle is which. A neat experience.

Photos from my day in Milan....

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