Sunday, June 5, 2016

Words Left Unsaid

Dear 5th Grade Boys,

In two weeks you'll be leaving elementary school forever. Chances are we may never cross paths again. Maybe we'll run into each other at the grocery store or something, but you'll probably just avert your eyes and hide behind a display case until I've gone. (That's what I would do if I encountered one of my teachers in the wild, anyway.)

I know most of you don't remember that I worked at your school when you were in Kindergarten. You probably didn't even go there, then. You just know me as the lady who took that other lady's place back in March of this year. Some of you liked her better and have told me so. I appreciate your candor.

Even though we've known each other only a brief time, I have made an attempt to get to know you. As I supervised your time in the cafeteria each day, I tried to learn your names. 

I failed. Two months later, I know like ten of you.

But most of you don't know my name, so it's okay.

And, like I said, in two weeks, you will be moving on. A part of me will still care about you all, but my primary focus will be on the students who replace you.

On that note, I've made up my mind not to inform you that you're using the phrase "that's what she said" all wrong. 

Every time I've heard one of you say it, making the other boys at your lunch table laugh, I've cringed, because you're not using it in its proper (and by proper, I mean "not school-appropriate") context. You're just saying it randomly. Like it's punctuation.

I guess I'm kind of happy that you don't have clue what it means or how to use it in the way the good Michael Scott intended it.

I'm glad you're still fairly innocent.

It won't last, but for now....

Have a wonderful time in middle school, guys! Try not to become too corrupted!

No, seriously... good luck!

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