Friday, June 24, 2016

Movin' On Over

In 2003 I created a web site called, where I did a bunch of writin'... kind of like what I do here on the blog. In fact, once I began writing on this blog regularly, I all but ignored AJ. But I've kept the site online, and have paid hosting fees to do so. Now I'm tired of paying. So within the next few days, I plan to discontinue my web hosting service. I'll keep the domain name, but it will just redirect to this blog instead.

A few articles from AJ have already made their way over to this blog in the last few years. I will be importing more over the next few days. So just a heads up if you follow this blog or receive email alerts... for the next day or two, the posts you see here will be things I've plucked off AJ, and will not be "new" (though they might be new to you!) 

I'll only import the articles that I feel still hold up after all these years. So... read them if you like, but don't worry, I haven't gone on a writing spree. The next few days will be all about the "classics."

Thanks for reading!

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