Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I Think It's Safe Now...

I canceled my web hosting account last night and took down the website I'd had up since 2003. First I downloaded everything to my computer. Then I deleted it all from the server. As I watched it all go, like water down a drain, I felt like I was watching my life of the past 13 years flash before my eyes. So much content. Years' worth of work. They say the internet's forever, but I haven't found that to be true. Who knows? Maybe some of my work will resurface someday in a completely unexpected way. But for now, I've "salvaged" my favorite things from that site and posted them here on this blog. And the rest is... history. 

When I created AlligatorJuice.com in 2003, I did it for several reasons. Mainly, I loved to write. I had things to say and I wanted the "world" to hear/read those things. Prior to 2003, I'd edited an email-based newsletter based on my favorite TV show. I had a couple hundred subscribers. But by 2003, there wasn't much more I felt I could say about a TV show that had ended 6 years prior.

But there was plenty I could say about the things that were important to me at the time. And in 2003, one thing that was important to a lot of Gen-Yers (and still is!) was nostalgia. We may have been barely out of high school back then, but our childhood toys, books, video games, movies, etc. were weighing on our minds as things of supreme importance. Care Bears! Barbies! Back To The Future! Must not forget!

There were other websites like mine out there, sites that inspired me. One was called X-Entertainment.com. X-E was the site I wanted mine to be. Side-splittingly funny & full of nostalgic content for the masses. Other such websites included Poprocks & Coke, Progressive Boink, and Pop Arena, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was (well, still is!) Scary-Crayon, whose webmaster, Wes, became a RL friend of mine. There were also many, many more sites, but their names are lost to me, now.

AlligatorJuice never got really popular or made me internet-famous, but I don't regret all those years of writing content for it. Even though quite a bit of said content was crap, even then, and other things, well -- they seemed good when I wrote them but now they make me cringe -- those articles helped make me better. To become a better writer, you have to write. A lot. AJ prompted me to do just that. At last count, I had 85 articles/sections on the site. One of those sections was the "TV Movie-Of-The-Week" one, in which I profiled 62 small-screen flicks.

Yet, when trying to decide what to save and import over to this blog, I only chose about 20 things altogether. And that was kind of difficult for me. Some articles were just too image-heavy to bother with. Others just didn't hold up anymore. And still others, well, who knows... maybe someday.

I've posted what I want to post, for now.

Thank you for your patience over the last week as I moved things over. :)
From here on out: NEW CONTENT! 

(But when? Haha, well...)


Michaela said...

Is there a way to access all the Ella More or Less episodes? I'd like to show them to my husband, but a couple episodes are blocked on YouTube.

molly said...

Hi:) I do have them on Facebook currently...


or, for the videos specifically:

It looks like episode 13 is missing, but that one appears to still be on YouTube, so between the two sites you should be able to view them all.

Michaela said...

Thank you very much! :)