Saturday, September 7, 2019

Watching Little Women (1994)... With My Mother

Watching Little Women (1994)... 

                                                                    ...With My Mother

Her: "I know you said I wasn't allowed to ask questions during this, but can I ask just one?"

Me: "Okay...."

Her: "Aren't there supposed to be five daughters?"

Me: "What, you think there's a fifth one hidden in a closet somewhere, just waiting to make a grand entrance?"

Her: "Yes. Maybe."

* * *

Me: "Ugh, Amy is the worst."

Her: "Yes, and good things always happen to her."

Me: "Right? She gets to go to Europe, marry Laurie.... Sometimes I like to imagine a different ending for her, though."

Her: "Like what?"

Me: "Like one where she has to marry Mr. Wickham."

* * * 

Marmee March, talking to Meg about John Brooke's proposal: "Yes, but I'd prefer [John] had a house [before you marry]!"

Me: "If you were required to have a house before you got married nowadays, nobody would ever get married except for middle-aged people going into their second marriage."

Her: *sad nod*

* * *

Laurie: *proposes to Jo*

Me: "I'm kind of glad she says no at this point. They're both so young."

Her: "No, they're older! Remember, it said 'Four Years Later'."

Me: "Yes, but look at his face."

Her: "Yes, such a baby face."

One scene later:

Laurie, growing facial hair as we speak: "YOU WERE SAYING...???"

* * *

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