Monday, July 16, 2018

Watching "Cranford" With My Mother

possible semi-spoiler warning?

Mom: "You have to come watch the Cranford DVD with me! It's such a charming show!"

Me: "Fine whatever okay."

45 minutes later:

Mom: "Did... did that lady... die?"

Me: "Looks that way."

30 minutes later:

Mom: "Is... is HE dead?"

Me: "Looks that way."

1 minute later:

Mom: "Wait, she's dead, too?"

Me: "Looks that way."

30 minutes later:

Me: "And now he's dead. That's four people in three episodes. This is the most depressing show ever. I'm sorry I ever complained about all those characters on Downton Abbey being put on a bus. At least they got to return a few episodes later. It's not like they had to die! Well, except for Matthew."

Mom. "Matthew! Oh, that was so sad. Yes....


So... can you order the next Cranford disc for me?"

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