Tuesday, December 27, 2016

30 Days Of Retro Toys 2016 - Day 27 - High School Jazzie

Day 27:
High School Jazzie

(Barbie magazine, 1989)

Whatever happened to Jazzie? It's like she just disappeared. 

Hmmm, this might just call for a bit o' fanfic....

In this epic tale, four friends (Stacie, Jazzie, Chelsie and Dude) drop out of high school to travel the world. They won't even have to pack suitcases because their clothes can mix 'n' match into five different outfits. They travel cheaply because Jazzie's cousin, Barbie, is a part-time flight attendant and knows people in the industry. Their adventures will take them to many exotic places. However, their good times will come to a sad end when Stacie "loses" her all-important fanny pack (containing the friends' travelers cheques, passports, and cash) somewhere in Copenhagen. Months later, a man matching Dude's description will be found wandering near Monterosso Beach wearing stone-washed denim shorts and a singular orange flipflop.

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