Thursday, December 1, 2016

30 Days Of Retro Toys 2016 - Day 1 - LEGO

I had a lot of fun gathering vintage toy ads and posting them for 30 Days Of Retro Toys last year. So I'm going to do it again this year! Starting today, I'll be posting 30 glorious, nostalgia- and/or cringe-inducing toy ads from 1953 to 2000. Enjoy!

Day 1:

(Sesame Street Magazine ad, 1987)

I ended last years' list with a 1964 LEGO ad, so I figured I'd start this year's with a LEGO ad from 23 years later!

Once upon a time, other plastic block companies used to brag about their products' useful storage buckets, which LEGO did not have. In 1987, LEGO finally said, "Hey, we can do buckets, too!"

And so it was that kids were now able to create giant plastic amalgamations of LEGO, Duplo, and some kind of gravity-defying stabilizer (because I have serious doubts that the kid's boat would hold together like that, but now I kind of want to build one and find out.)

We had the magical buckets, but I'll be darned if we ever actually put our LEGO pieces away in them.

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