Thursday, December 22, 2016

30 Days Of Retro Toys 2016 - Day 22 - Penny The Poodle

Day 22:
Penny The Poodle

(Sears Catalog, 1964)

I spent my tween years being super into poodles. My paternal grandparents and my neighbor both had poodles, but my parents wouldn't let me have any dog, period. 

So whenever we got to choose our own topic for a school project, I'd find a way to relate it to poodles. I would ask for poodle merchandise for my birthday/Christmas. I still have several of my old poodle knick-knacks and stuffed animals, and I look on them with fondness. And yes, I would still like to have a poodle someday.

But even I would have thought a 15-inch yapping tug-along toy was a bit much.

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