Saturday, December 10, 2016

30 Days Of Retro Toys 2016 - Day 10 - Barbie and Her Friends (1964)

Day 10:
Barbie and Her Friends (1964)

(Sears Catalog, 1964)

Fashion Queen Barbie: "Feast your eyes upon my holiday wrapping paper bathing suit with matching Egyptian headdress!"

Midge: "Huh? Sorry, I'm too busy looking at your $1.97 counterpart over there. WHAT is on HER head?"

Ken: "I knowww! I can't stop looking at it. Does anyone else hear a buzzing sound?"

Beehive Barbie: "What, you mean THIS little ol' 'do? The one I put together in 5 easy minutes? You like it, you say?"

Ken: "No. And I'm confused. Which of you is the real Barbie, my girl friend?"

Fashion Queen Barbie: "Fools! I am the real Barbie! I am the most expensive of all of you!"

Midge: "Ugh, you're such a snob. Just because you're the headliner and I'm just your less-mature-looking friend...."

Fashion Queen Barbie: "You can say that once more. Your lame attempt at looking sexy has failed. Your bathing suit pieces don't even match!"

Ken: "Ow, something stung me!"

Beehive Barbie: *bzzzzz*

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