Sunday, October 30, 2016

Antique Show Creepshow 3: All Creeped Up

It's that time of the year again...

Christmas? Ha, no. Christmas is still aaaaages away, silly.

Nope! Put on some pants, pick up your banjo, and join in a happy chorus, because... it's HOWL-O-WEEN, BABY!

But what's that? You still haven't decided on a costume? Don't worry, my friend, because I've got some great costume ideas for you! Nearly all of these can be constructed out of cardboard, paint, glue, and pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel. 

I D E A S !
Inspired by Antique Show Treasures

Idea #1: Pregnant Superman

#2: Beatles in a Box

#3: Smokey Bear/Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket Crime-Fighting Posse (Of Doom)

#4: Two-Dimensional Yellow-Suited Superman, aka Man Of Steel Tin

#5: Bald Person With Sentient Feet

# 6: Elsie the Cow, Queen Of The Ice Cream (KNEEL BEFORE HER!)

#7: John Kerry In A Bowl

#8: Pumpkin-Headed Pawnbroker

# 9: Snookums

#10: Snookums' Trusty Gal-Pal, Birdie McBluetights.

#11: SPIN-O, the lesser-known, but equally nefarious, cousin of Coily The Spring Sprite

Feeling inspired yet? 

No? Well, how about...

#12: A Pair of Legs?

#13: A Pair of Legs With Bonus Torso And Head?

#14: A Friendly Bipedal Goat?

#15: A Stylish Suit Coat?

#16: A Child Ballerina Playing croquet Kro-Kay?

#17: A Sinister Elf Family?

#18: A Thumbs-Up-in' Monkey?

How about a...

#19: Kindly Neighborhood Barber?

or a...

#20: Weird kid who likes to watch Barber while he works??

Or if not that, then a...

#21: Pigly Barbershop Customer???


* * * * *

Well, there you go. 21 perfectly good costume ideas. Trouble is, you may not have time to make any of these costumes before Halloween night! Why'd you wait so darn long?

Oh well, there's always next year....

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