Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1 Week Later

Yeah, I'm angry about the election.

I'm angry at some of my fellow Americans in the following order:

3. People who voted for a 3rd party candidate. (They weren't even that good!)
2. People who voted for DT.
1. People who didn't vote at all.

Because seriously?

I'm trying to cling to hope. Really, I am.

Thoughts this week:

A. God knows what He's doing. *looks upward questioningly*

B. 8/44 Presidents died in office and 1 resigned. That's about 1/5th who "left" office before it was time. 4 years isn't a guarantee. Hey, William Henry Harrison lasted a month.

C. Since DT is a notorious liar, maybe some of the horrible things he said (like wanting to build a wall) were lies? That's an odd thing to think about when wanting to feel better, but there it is.

D. Hillary won the popular vote. We now know she won it by over one (update: THREE) million votes! Which means that MOST (I hope) people (WHO VOTED) are not DT supporters.

We had the chance to elect our first female President and instead we brought in THAT.

I am most seriously displeased.

And now, some gifs to express my election and post-election feelings:

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